The only way I can be productive & keep my sanity + sometimes you just need to chill + I love this weather!

Breakfast burritos have to be one of my all-time favorite breakfast items. This week, ours have had meatless sauce, dairy-free cheese, spinach, and eggs. I top them with salsa and Cholula.

I worked ALL morning on building my new class. I took a 10 minute lunch break and chowed down on some leftovers, then it was back to work. I was on my computer nonstop from 8-4:30 yesterday.

This may look crazy, but I swear it’s the only way I function. I have to plan out my days hourly in order to accomplish everything. I’ve been doing this ever since I started working from home full-time and it’s a game changer. This week is an extra crazy one!

I had an afternoon meeting for one of the committees I’m serving on this year, so I took a break from work for that, then was right back to work when it was over.

I found these at Mama Jean’s the other day. I told Jake I just wanted easy meals this week, so I picked up a lot of frozen stuff. These are amazing! You just steam them in the microwave with a wet paper towel. They’re ready in 4 minutes. So easy.

I was feeling a little down last night, so we made an easy dinner, margaritas, and parked it on the couch. It was just what I needed.

Sometimes Rhea tries to sneak up on the couch…I don’t think crawling over me is very sneaky, but she sure tried. She sat like this a long time. She’s such a lover.

We knocked out 4 miles together this morning. The weather was amazing. It was 44° when we started.

It’s another full day here, but first, I’m gonna get a little gravel ride in.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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