Back on some gravel + why I share + so hungry!

After my run yesterday, I ate breakfast, then Kayla and I headed out to Diggins to ride some gravel. It had been over a month since I had last ridden gravel, so I was excited to get back to it. It was HARD. The first 5 miles were brutal. My legs were definitely toast when we finished, but the views were incredible.

After our ride, I rushed home and hopped on to a meeting. I was SO hungry, so I ate basically a million plant-based chicken nuggets and some leftover veggie rice. It was delicious.

This is why I share. The kind words and prayers we have revived mean the world. I have had so many women reach out to with their own stories. You’re not alone. Sending hugs.

I worked most of the afternoon and early evening, then ordered food in from Greek Belly. Greek salad, falafel, and dolmades.

Little Lu is so precious.

I miss Jake in the evenings. He won’t work these hours forever, thank goodness, but it’s extra tough right now. I just want him at home with me.

This explains why I was so hungry yesterday! Between my run and ride, I burned all of the calories.

           Happy Friday, friends!

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