Mostly food + Rhea runs + we outta here!

More breakfast burritos on deck this week. Meatless sausage, spinach, dairy-free cheese, and eggs. YUM.

I did a bunch of computer work in the morning, then Jake and I ran some errands. We came back to the apartment for lunch, then I knocked out a little more work before a meeting. After my meeting, I ran over to our house to get my car (we left it in the garage Sunday night), then got a few snacks for a little camping trip we are going on.

Dinner was a bunch of random things – butternut squash, peas, and a quinoa patty. This hit the spot!

My current snack obsession is roasted seaweed. I can’t stop eating it. Lu likes it, too. Rhea does not…

A little post-dinner wine and Netflix before bed.

Rhea girl and I knocked out 5 miles this morning, now we are all getting ready for a camping/hiking get-away!

Jake and I are taking the girls to AR for a little get-away, so there won’t be a blog tomorrow. I’ll be back Thursday to share about our adventure.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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