Weekend Wrap-up!

I had an okay weekend. I don’t like coming on here and complaining, but I also like to be honest. I both good and bad moments. I am kind of passed having bad days, it more seems like bad moments, but those moments can vary in length. Sometimes I’m just sad for a few minutes, but sometime I’m for hours. I guess that’s how grief works. I am thankful I’m in the good and bad moments category rather than the good and bad days. The smaller length of time seems easier to handle. Poor Jake filled in at work for a bunch of guys, so I hardly saw him after Wednesday. That was hard. I know he felt terrible about being gone so much, especially right now, but we made it work. We got together for meals when we could, so that was nice. Friday started with ALL the meetings. I have kind of moved my workspace to our kitchen because my office at the apartment has started to get very full of things – I sure hope we can start moving into our house soon.

Jake came by during his lunch break for our follow-up meeting with our fertility specialist. She said when she heard we didn’t have any embryos make it that she was devastated. she filled us in on a couple of things and told us that we actually had 6 embryos fertilize, but only 2 of those fertilized normally. I don’t know why that information hurt, but it did. We lost 6 babies. That really sucks. We were both glad we talked with her – she talked with us for almost an hour. We still don’t have a game plan for what to do from here – I don’t think we are ready to make any decisions yet, but that’s okay.

After out meeting, I started on meal prep for the week. We are having a sweet potato, mushroom, egg, meatless sausage, and dairy-free cheese casserole. SO good. I failed to take pictures Friday night, but I went to Galloway with Kayla and our friend, Morgan. It was nice to spend some time relaxing on their patio.

Saturday morning started with 8 miles with my girls. Our run was a blast.

Rhea joined us and was pooped when we finished.

I was STARVING when I got home after our run. I chowed down on some of our casserole and it was so good. I was hungry and sleepy the rest of the day. I guess that’s how you know you worked out hard!

I spent most of Saturday in bed working and/or eating. I was worn out from my run. I had a bunch of random leftovers for lunch.

I think Rhea liked the cuddles. She was worn out from our run, too.

Saturday afternoon, my sister and I sat on a panel for parents looking to adopt (we do this every year). Since we are both adopted, we answer questions and share our stories with the audience. It’s always a fun hour. After the panel, we met our parents for dinner at Vineyard Market, which I had been wanting to try for a long time. I had a wine flight and all of the wine was delicious.

For dinner, I had their turkey BLT and a side salad. SO good. I can’t wait to take Jake there on a date night.

I had a hard night Saturday night. I was just feeling kind of down. After dinner, I crawled into bed and cried. I was missing Jake and him being gone was hard. After a little cry sesh, I watched Gilmore Girls and went to bed.

I sent this picture to Jake. She loves to model.

I slept in until about 7:30 Sunday morning, then had breakfast before meeting Cassie and Kayla for a bike ride. I am loving this breakfast casserole.

We knocked out 25 miles and had the best weather. The sun felt so good.

I am lucky to have these two to ride with. They always make the best routes for us.

After our ride, we grabbed brunch from Brew Co. It was delicious. I had two eggs, a biscuit, bacon, and home fries. Mmm.

After brunch, I came home and knocked out a little more work, then met Jake for dinner. He had picked up yet another shift for someone (I think he worked almost 90 hours this week), so we grabbed dinner and then he went to sleep at City Utilities because our apartment can be loud and he needed good sleep. We had a fun dinner at Coyote’s.

After dinner, I met Kayla for a drink at 4 By 4. I love their hard seltzers.

I am going to finish the half a wall that is left at our house because then we can start patching, priming, and painting. I want to start moving in ASAP, so I am extra motivated. Our house will not be finished for about 3-5 years, but that is okay with me! Anything is better than this apartment. We hope to start with the bathrooms, so I think we will move into one of the guest rooms while they work on the master bath and one of the guest baths. I know it won’t be ideal living in the house through our remodel, but it isn’t the end of the world. I am so ready to have our own space again.

Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    Eek. Jake is incredible. I would be a complete ZOMBIE with so little sleep! Do you struggle to sleep at the apartment too? I just moved out of my apartment and I am so glad because I could barely sleep there because the slightest noises wake me up. I even had a sound machine, AC/Heat, and fan always running! Are some of us just really light sleepers??

    • papersandpavement

      He really is – I don’t know how he does it! I would be a zombie, too. I do not do well with little sleep. I sleep pretty okay at the apartment, which I’m thankful for. I sleep with a noise machine, though, and cannot sleep without it, so I can totally relate! I saw your new house – it’s gorgeous! Huge congratulations, friend!

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