Breakfast wins + my first race in a LONG time + sushi!

I love fall running. LOVE. IT. Rhea-girl and I knocked out 6 miles together yesterday morning. I have exciting news – I signed up for my first race in a LONG time. I am going to be the Bass Pro half-marathon in November. I am pumped. I will definitely not be racing it, just running and having fun, but this was my first ever half and the marathon was my first ever marathon. The race series is just special to me and I can’t wait to get back into a race. A bunch of my girlfriends signed up, too, so that’ll make it even more fun.

I was SO hungry after my run, so I added a waffle to my breakfast casserole. YUM.

I spent most of the day grading and working on the computer, but Lu needed some love, so she sat on my lap for awhile. That makes typing really easy… ; )

Lunch was more ramen noodle and coleslaw salad topped with chicken and sweet potato slices on the side.

I had a meeting with my students in the class I just took over, which was fun. I had 13 of them show up. It’s nice to be able to see faces sometimes when you’re teaching online classes.

After my meeting, Jake and I headed out for a little date night. I love fall hats. Well, I love all hats, but I really love fall hats.

We grabbed sushi and sat outside, enjoying the weather. I am going to be sad when patio weather is over.

We shared this plate of goodness, egg rolls, and a salad. Everything was delicious.

We sat down to watch The Social Dilemma and poor Jake was out immediately. I guess that’s what happens when you work 90+ hours the week before. If you haven’t watched The Social Dilemma, do it. It’s great information. Scary, but great.

The girls always take over Jake’s spot…Lu likes the foot of the bed and Rhea prefers to have her head on Jake’s pillows.

I hope your day is a great one!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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