SO sore + making decisions + lots of house updates!

I took a risk and ate a bowl of chili before my lifting class yesterday…I was super hungry and didn’t want to wait until after to eat. I was nervous about that decision, but I survived! I figured it would be okay since there wasn’t any cardio. I am so ridiculously sore. The good kind of sore, but still very sore. I am loving AYB and all the lifting help I get from their trainers. I haven’t lifted in awhile, so having some help and expertise really motivates me.

After my workout, I headed over to our house to meet Jake. We were going to wait on peeling the rest of the wallpaper and ripping up the carpet, but last-minute decided to just go ahead and do all of it. We won’t put wood floors in until after our kitchen remodel, but we will sand, stain, and seal the plywood to see how that looks then go from there. I think we would both rather have that than carpet that has been in a house for 20+ years. While Jake worked on pulling up carpet, I worked on peeling some more wallpaper.

I got this cute fall welcome mat at Menard’s.

The girls and I ran a couple of errands for Jake. They love to sit in the back of my car and stare out the rear window.

I am not a huge granola bar fan – they never satiate me – but this one is pretty tasty! Not something I’d eat all the time, but good when you’re on the go.

Jake and I grabbed dinned from The Pitch, which was amazing. We shared the brussels sprouts appetizer and a pizza. This hit the spot!

After dinner, Jake went back to pull more carpet and I took the girls to the apartment to feed them, vacuum, dust, wash our sheets and make our bed, and shower. I had been up since 4AM and was definitely starting to crash. After I did all of that, I went back to pick Jake up and see his progress. He got SO much accomplished yesterday. He peeled the carpet out of the hall bath, our master, one guest room, and the hallway.

I think we will be painting this room. ; ) I know, I know, we should probably leave it as is, but I think it’s best to paint it. HA!

The house already looks so different (and much better) with just these small changes!

This room is almost finished (minus needing the carpet ripped up). The drywall just needs to be sanded one more time, I think. We have hired someone to work on the ceilings and do some drywall work.

I need to do a little computer work today, but then will go work at the house again. I will be peeling wallpaper until we move in – less than two months! So. Excited.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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