Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was a great one – lots of friend and family time, productivity at the new house, and a little relaxing. Breakfast on Friday before my workout was two eggs and a waffle.

My hair is to the point when I want to chop it off…I won’t do it because I always regret it, but this is why I usually have it braided when it’s in a ponytail. It’s too much to deal with sometimes! That “It is well with my soul” sign is from my Grandma’s house. We displayed it at her funeral and then I got to take it home. I can’t wait to find the perfect spot for it in our new house.

I worked on the computer after my workout, then had a quick lunch – a veggie patty, Japanese sweet potato fries in the AirFryer, and a salad.

This girl sure loves her Dad. As long as Jake is paying attention to her, Rhea is content. Mildly needy…

I met my friend, Alex, for dinner Friday night at Galloway. Galloway has a super cool string of lights using their plastic cups as lanterns outside their patio. Jake and I want to replicate that at our new house. Ann, one of the owners of Galloway, sent me home with a few cups to add to our growing collection. She’s the best! Jake and I had many dates at Galloway when we were first dating – we also ate there the night before we left for our wedding, the night before our reception, and are basically there at least once a week. It’s a special place to us and we want to incorporate that into our home.

Saturday morning started with some trail miles! It has been a LONG time since I had gotten to run trail. I missed it! Alex and I headed to Two Rivers to run a couple miles before meeting the Trail Sisters group.

You can’t beat these views.

Fall trail miles are some of my favorite.

I made a massive breakfast burrito the second I got home from my run. Rhea thought I was going to share with her. She was wrong.

After breakfast, I headed over to our house to knock out some work. My Mom met me there and Rhea stuck pretty close to her.

My Mom found this note under some wallpaper. It’s the name of who wallpapered our house in 1985 and who they wallpapered for – so cool! I love finding things like this. The wallpaper had been up for 35 years.

I spent 3.5 hours pulling staples in our dining room. My back and hand are so sore, but I got it done! It felt good to knock out an entire room. Six more rooms need staples pulled up…

I love our new street. Our house is the one to the left with the yellow leaves.

I had a late lunch around 3PM after finishing up at the house. I polished off my Galloway leftovers, then crawled into bed for a 30 minute nap.

When you don’t want to was your hair, throw braids in and wear a fall hat. Win-win.

We had a fun date night with one of Jake’s lineman buddies and his sweet wife. We inhaled sushi at Niji then went to Great Escape to listen to some live music. It was a blast!

We always have so much fun with these two!

I slept in on Sunday, which was wonderful. Rhea-girl and I got some serious cuddles in, then I spent the morning working on my computer.

I took a break for breakfast – bacon, eggs, and an English muffin.

I spent Sunday morning working on my spring courses. I decided my syllabi needed a little facelift, so I am rewriting all of them.

After I worked for a little bit, I headed out for a 3 mile run. I decided to push myself a little to see how I felt. This is the face of someone who knocked out a short progression run and kept the last mile under 8:00! I was so excited.

I had to work for this last mile (7:50), but it sure felt good!

Rhea wasn’t impressed. She wanted to keep running.

A quick lunch of a veggie patty with dairy-free provolone cheese and Lesser Evil’s Paleo puffs (my favorite), before heading over to the house to work for a little bit.

I got this text from my Mom. I love that they are so willing to help us. We have the best people!

When I finished pulling staples from the dining room on Saturday, I had 6 rooms left. SIX. Ugh. With the help of my parents and Jake’s parents Sunday evening, we now only have ONE room left now! ONE!!! I can’t believe it. We will be finishing floors and painting before we know it. Thank you, family! Thank you!

I hope your week is a great one!

Happy Monday, friends!

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