Loving this gym + all I do is eat…+ coffee until wine!

I slept in a little Monday morning, which felt amazing. It was a cold and rainy day, so I just wanted to stay cuddled up in bed. I finally got up, hopped on my computer for a little bit, then headed to AYB for some lifting. I am 100% obsessed with my new gym. It was exactly what I was needing right now. I love the people, the workouts, and the space. After my workout, I came back to the apartment to make burritos. I chowed down on mine while I answered emails, then took one over to Jake at the house. We worked over there for a little bit, then came back to the apartment.

I spent the day grading and building one of my spring courses, so I don’t have many pictures to share today. Lunch was delicious – I made some sweet potatoes in the AirFryer and polished off my our last veggie burger patty.

I worked on the computer until about 5:30PM. I looked at the clock at one point and couldn’t believe the day had gone by quickly. Computer work does that to me sometimes. Nothing sounded good for dinner, so I made a smoothie and topped it with whipped cream. YUM. I curled up on the couch under my heating pad and blanket and ate this smoothie.

I was in such a good work mode, that I poured some wine, turned on The Office, and worked on building a course in Blackboard. I worked until about 8/8:30PM before calling it a night. I crawled into bed, but couldn’t get my brain to turn off. I think when I work that late, my brain just wants to keep going. I laid in bed and perused Pinterest for house things until I got tired.

It was freezing and pouring at 4AM this morning, so we didn’t meet to run. It looks like it’s not raining right now, so I might head out for a few miles. Fingers crossed it doesn’t start pouring on me…

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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