It’s getting real + quick & delicious dinner + ahead of schedule

I think these are my favorite breakfast burritos ever. They have a spicy veggie sausage, mushrooms, dairy-free cheese, and egg. So. Good.

It’s getting real…our dumpster showed up yesterday! It’s already full…

I was so tired last night. I wanted to crawl into bed around 6PM, but made myself do a little work, bake some banana bread, and eat dinner.

Dinner was fried chicken in the AirFryer, some leftover veggies, and a piece of garlic sourdough toast.

If you’re like me, you can never remember what to wear when the seasons change. I have used this graphic as a reminder when it starts to get chilly. I had forgotten about it until a friend said she used it the other day. It’s fi helpful!

Using the graphic, I decided on a long-sleeved base layer and a thick outer layer. It was perfect for the 31° weather I ran in this morning.

I also had on a beanie, gloves, and a buff.

Rhea and I ran 6 chilly miles.
Happy Friday, friends!

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