Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was full of all the best things – family, friends, and running! On Friday, I got this text from my sister and I could not stop laughing. We tease our Mom a lot, but it’s only because we love her and she keeps up entertained. Piper, my sister, was helping my Mom set-up her new iPad. I guess Piper asked my Mom what apps she wanted on the iPad and my Mom said, “Well, I like my clock…” HA! So funny. We love you, Mom, thank you for always keeping us laughing.

My printer at home broke, so Lu and I headed to print something super fast while I was in the middle of some work. Rhea was over at the house with Jake. Lu didn’t seem to mind my baggy sweats.

I stopped by the house on my way back to our apartment and saw this – we filled this dang dumpster so quickly! Thank goodness our friend, Scottie, came by to help Jake throw away all the old carpet. I don’t think I could’ve lifted up most of it… I know I’ve said it before, but we really are blessed with the best!

I cannot wait until this view is ours every single day! ONE. MORE. MONTH! (We don’t have a set moving date, but we will be out of the apartment by December 17th). I can’t believe we get to celebrate Christmas in our new home!

More breakfast burritos. I can’t stop.

I spent a lot of Friday on my computer, but I took a snack break in the afternoon – I had a bunch of bananas that needed to be used up, so I made banana bread. YUM.

Jake went to work Friday and I headed to the grocery store for the week. While there, I decided I wanted to get some sushi for dinner. This hit the spot!

Rhea-girl got to get on the couch and watch some Netflix with me.

This memory popped up over the weekend and made me smile – this is my very first class! I taught 5th grade in Hollister and loved it. This was taken at our pajama day party. I cannot believe that in 8 years, I have taught 5th-8th grades, been a reading specialist and a learning coach, finished my master’s, started and finished my doctorate, and now have my dream job. I am so thankful for all of these experiences.

This is some of my favorite meatless sausage to use in our burritos. Jake is more meatless than I am – probably 70%, whereas I am more 40-50%, but I like throwing this into our burritos in the AM. I get it in the freezer section at Mama Jean’s.

I got to take breakfast to my favorite lineman Saturday morning. He had to fix a light over by the apartment, so I threw together a burrito and made coffee to take out to him.

Then I enjoyed my own burrito and coffee before heading over to the house to work for a little bit.

Guys, this dining room. It’s our LAST room with wallpaper, but man, it’s going to be the worst. There are multiple layers of wallpaper, but in-between two of the layers, there’s some kind of paint or primer or something. We can easily steam the wallpaper off, but the paint or primer turns to a liquid and gets super gummy when we try to steam it, so that doesn’t work. Jake found that using a razor blade to scrape the paint/primer off works best. So, that’s what we have been doing. He got a little over half of the room scraped last week, so I finished scraping on Saturday and then was able to steam off all the wallpaper. It went pretty quickly once I found a rhythm, so that’s good. BUT, this is only the top half of the room. The bottom half seems to just be painted. There was wallpaper on the bottom half, so I’m going to just scrub the glue off the paint and hopefully we can then just paint everything. Here’s the room after I finished the top half and cleaned up. I have a before picture somewhere – I want to do a post with all of our befores and currents…I don’t want to call them afters yet because we have a lot of things that won’t be done when we move in.


After working at the house, I spent some much needed time foam rolling. I had my first half since I don’t even know when on Sunday.

After foam rolling, I got ready to go see my family and then grab dinner with Jake. We didn’t have any crazy Halloween plans since I had a race the next morning and Jake was leaving early to go on a camping trip. This is my favorite winter jacket and I wear it basically every day when it’s cold outside. It’s long, which I love.

My niece was dressed like a hedgehog and she was so dang adorable! As soon as she saw me, she ran over with all of her candy and was so excited to show me everything she had collected. She’s the best.

We stood outside at my parents’ house and hung out for a little bit.

Jake and I were both craving Mexican, so we had a little date night at La Paloma. We shared their shrimp tacos, a tamale, and a side of beans. This was all so delicious.

Sunday morning was spent racing for the first time in a LONG time. I cannot remember my last race, so this one was a blast. I ran into my high school cross country coach, who is the reason I love to run – thank you, Coach Russo!! He’s still out there crushing all the miles.

It was so fun running this race with my girls. We didn’t plan to run together, but Kayla and Becca were right behind me the entire time (which I didn’t even realized until about halfway through the race, ha!), and Jordan CRUSHED her race – we never saw after we started. It was such a great morning!

There’s nothing better than a post-run beer.

This was taken about 10 seconds after we finished. This was Becca’s (in the middle) first half and she absolutely killed it. I think we all were at about an 8:36 pace or so. So impressed with you, Becca! And Kayla made a massive PR, which was so fun to see. These girls are the best and I am lucky to have them!

I made better time than I thought I would, so that was a nice surprise. After taking two months of while going through IVF, I decided last-minute to sign up for this race. I had about a month to get ready for it, which wasn’t a ton of time, but I wanted to go into it and just have fun. I was hoping I could stay somewhere between a 9:00 and 8:45 pace, but ended up holding an 8:35 average. I felt amazing until the last 3ish miles, which is pretty normal. I almost threw up the last half mile. My fitness definitely isn’t where it was, but this gives me a good starting place to work from!

Jake was on a camping trip, but I was so excited to tell him how I had done. He definitely inspires me to push when I want to stop.

After the race, we all headed to Brew Co for brunch. I sipped on a peach sour out of my mug, which was SO good.

I had their chicken and biscuits and this hit the spot. I ate half of it at brunch, was stuffed, got home, and then inhaled the rest. Mmm.

Lu and I crawled into bed after my race. I planned to take a nap, but we ended up watching Netflix for a couple of hours. I finally decided I needed to get up and be productive, so we went over to the house to work a little bit.

Jake took Rhea on his camping trip and she’s having the best time!

I was craving a burger, so I picked up dinner Sunday night. I didn’t want fries (I’m not a huge French fry fan), but they accidentally gave them to me, so I’ll save them for Jake. I ate about half of all of this and was SO full. It was so delicious.

Lu and I watched a movie Sunday night – I can’t tell you the last time I watched a movie. It was so nice to sit and relax. I also sipped on this Pumpkin Spice cider than Alex gave me to try. It was pretty tasty!

I started to get ready for bed and Lu stole my spot, so she was mad at me when we went to bed because I moved her over  a little. This girl is sassy.

I was going to run and do a little workout today, but I’ve got a little bit of a sore knee, so I’m going to take it easy today. I definitely need to soak and foam roll. I have lots of computer stuff to knock out, so it’ll be a laid-back, productive day. We can’t wait for Jake and Rhea to get home in a little bit!

Also, how is it November?! I can’t believe it. Don’t forget to vote tomorrow!

Happy Monday, friends!

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