A little drive + voting + tired

I changed my mind… I had another burrito for breakfast yesterday. They’re just so delicious.

Forced cuddles are the best cuddles. Right, Rhea? I don’t think this girl would ever complain about any cuddles.

I went to the gym yesterday morning, then Jake and I went to vote. When we got there, the line was bonkers, so we decided to go back later. We hopped in the car and drove down to the lake to enjoy the leaves. It’s SO gorgeous down there right now. We stopped by the dam, too. Oh, that reminds me…what did the fish say when it ran into a wall? ; )

Dam…sorry, I had to.

After our drive, we headed back to vote! While waiting in line, an elderly woman almost passed out, so that was kind of scary. Jake got her a bottle of water and I tried to give her one of the snacks in my bag, but she was pretty out of it, so another voter called an ambulance. She ended up being okay and came back to vote right as we were getting to the front. I’m so thankful she was okay.

After we voted, we grabbed a late lunch at Galloway.

We shared the tuna steak sandwich and it sure hit the spot. ┬áRanch, Galloway sauce, and ketchup…all the sauces for the Bradleys!

A friend shared this on social media yesterday and I couldn’t love it more, so I stole it.

After our late lunch, we worked at the house for a little bit, then we headed to a late dinner. We shared all of this goodness and then crawled into bed. We were both exhausted. I’ve been super tired all week, so I think I need a couple nights of really good sleep.

I am so thankful I gave my sore knee time to rest after my race. It’s so important to listen to our bodies. I woke up to it feeling back to normal, so Rhea and I are about to head out for a short run! After my run, I will do a little work before going to watch my niece for a little bit. I can’t wait to see her. She gets so excited when I go to her house. She immediately starts pulling out all of her toys to show me. She’s the best.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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