Weekend Wrap-up!

I was off on my days all weekend. I spent Saturday thinking it was Sunday, so when Sunday did roll around, it felt like an added bonus to the weekend, which was nice. On Friday, I went to the gym for leg day. I had skipped the other two leg day days this week because my legs were still sore from my half last weekend. I felt really good on Friday and was excited to lift. I wore my tank that says, “Squats? I thought you said shots!” It’s always appropriate for leg day.

After the gym, I made a smoothie and topped it with whipped cream. So. Good.

I knew I would be sore, so I took a break from work for an Epsom salt soak. I also found some under eye and lip masks, so I threw those on for good measure. I worked at the computer from about 8AM until 5PM, so I was ready to finish up and be done for the day.

Kayla and I headed to Galloway for dinner, which is our Friday night tradition. Sometimes I like to send pictures like this to Jake when he asks what I’m up to. I’m sure he loves them. He did guess that we were going to Galloway, so he gets me.

The newlyweds, Kallie and Coty, met us at Galloway and then we all went to Great Escape to listen to some live music.

We love Shaun Munday!

Saturday morning started with a 10-miler with these girls. I want to keep slowly building my mileage, so I hope to continue adding miles to long runs. I’m not sure why…maybe I can find a marathon in January/February? We will see! Any good marathons around then? I know that’s a weird time of the year for races.

Oh, this pretty girl ran with us, too. We can’t forget about her.

The best post-weekend activity fuel? Chic-fil-A breakfast. I got the chicken biscuit, but added an egg to it. So delicious.

After breakfast, I did a little work, then hopped in the tub for a soak. I added a little peppermint to my bath, too. Be careful when adding peppermint…a little goes a long way! I think I had 3 drops too many because I was SO cold even though my water was hot. I think I only needed 2-3 drops total. Just a warning if you add oils to your bath…use peppermint sparingly!

Lunch was a bowl of random leftovers….grains, rice, broccoli, and two chicken and mushroom sausage links, topped with a little Ranch and Sriracha.

I knocked out some computer work – two of my three spring classes are completely ready to go (happy dance!!!), and the third one doesn’t start until March, so I will start working on it this week just to get it ready and then I don’t have to worry about getting things up and running over Christmas break. Some of the classes I teach are 7 weeks long – they’re are super intense 7 weeks, but I really like that length for a course. We have two 7-week options: one over the beginning 7 weeks of the semester and another over the second 7 weeks of the semester. I was nervous about covering all the information needed within that timeframe, but it works out really well and students seem to like the 7-week option.

After finishing up some work, I met Jake over at our house to do a little work there. I worked in the LAST room with wallpaper glue and got it FINISHED! We no longer have any wallpaper or glue on any walls. That sure feels nice. Talk about a big project…I feel like we are wallpaper removing fools now.

It’s hard to tell how much glue was on these walls in pictures, but it was awful. My arms, hands, and wrists are so sore from scrubbing. You can mostly see it on the bottom half of the room. There’s paint (I think) under the wallpaper/glue, which is why that’s blue.

Here’s the after! All clean! We started mudding some areas that needed to be patched, so that’s why nothing is all that pretty looking yet. I cannot wait to paint…it’s going to make such a huge difference.

Sunday morning started with the most delicious breakfast – eggs, veggies, bacon, and an English muffin. An easy way to get veggies in with breakfast – sauté mushrooms and spinach in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Top with nutritional yeast and chow down. This is one of my favorite ways to eat veggies.

I have been majorly slacking on meal prep at our apartment. Our kitchen here is so tiny and dark and I just don’t love it. I finally sucked it up yesterday and knocked out prep for the week. It sure felt good to finally do this again! I made one casserole for me and one for Jake – his is a veggie taco casserole and mine has elk meat in it. I love veggies and eat a lot of them, but I still like a little meat in my diet. Jake is mostly plant-based (maybe 80/20) and I am more 60/40.

Here’s the recipe for mine, with the elk meat. I think each serving ended up being about 350 calories – all of this made 4 servings. I baked these at 350 for about 20-30 minutes – just until Jake’s cheese was melted. I cooked the meat and veggies before putting the casserole together.

After prepping, I polished off the rest of our leftovers, then did laundry, cleaned the apartment, and did a little computer work. It was a super productive day!

When I finished all of that work, I sat on the couch with Lu and watched one episode of The Office before going over to the house to work for a little bit.

We want our house to have smooth ceilings (no texture at all), so Jake’s Dad is teaching him how to do that. It’s going to look so good when we are done with all of our plans! We will not put our new hardwood floors in before we move-in. When we redo the kitchen (in a year or two), we are taking a wall out, so we don’t want to put in new floors until we do that. Our plan right now is to sand, stain or paint our subfloors, and see how they look. We have seen some really cool finished subfloors that people live on until they’re ready to put new flooring in, so we are going to try it! Stay tuned to see how that turns out…our big projects right now include getting most of the ceilings finished, priming, painting, and finishing the floors. We know we will be living in the house during some big projects, but that’s okay! We are excited. And I am SO ready to be out of this apartment…

So proud of this guy and how he is willing to learn and practice anything. Jake is pretty OCD, so anything he does turns out beautifully. The girls and I are thankful for him!

I finished up some little things at the house, then came back to the apartment to make dinner. We had these black bean fettuccine noodles and holy cow they’re delicious. Highly recommend! I got these at Mama Jean’s, but I’ve seen them in other grocery stores.

I cooked shrimp in ghee, lemon juice, and garlic, and topped our black bean noodles with spaghetti sauce and shrimp. We also had a salad on the side. This dinner was a favorite.

We finished watching Last Dance last night. It is SO good. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes Michael Jordan, basketball, or being inspired. It’s no wonder Michael Jordan will go down as one of the greats. He busted his ass every single day. I told Jake I want to watch the documentary again when I’m training for my next A race. I love inspirational stuff like that.

Happy Monday, friends!

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