Up early vs. sleeping in + ALL the computer things + so hungry

I was so hungry after my run, so as soon as I got back to the apartment, I immediately made breakfast. Veggies, an English muffin, bacon, and eggs.

I cleaned bathrooms and Rhea would follow me around and flop down. It was pretty toasty on our run Tuesday morning, so she was pooped.

After doing  a little cleaning, I hopped on a webinar. Rhea stuck close by.

I have only been in my new professor role a few months, but I  have already learned SO much. I told one of my colleagues the other day that I learn at least 12 new things a day. HA! Not really, but it kind of feels that way.

I spent all morning on my computer, then took a break for lunch. I felt like I was hungry all day yesterday. Lunch was more elk taco casserole with a package of dried seaweed and a clementine.

This little girl got her haircut yesterday. She was living her best life as we drove to the groomer.

After I dropped Lu off, I knocked out more computer work and had a snack – sweet peppers and Ranch. Mmm. Then another snack…a banana and PB Fit.

I ended up spending the day on my computer, so I never made it over to work at our new house. Jake called to say he was on his way home from the new house, so I got dinner ready. Black bean noodles, spaghetti sauce, ground turkey, and salad.

We watched a movie while we ate. I think it was called The Wrong Missy. It was pretty good! Definitely some weird/awkward parts, but it was funny.

Always wanting on the couch…

I love getting up early (I shared about this on Instagram yesterday), but man, I also love sleeping in. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I typically get up at 4AM, and the rest of the week, I shoot for somewhere between 5 and 7. I definitely feel way more productive on the days when I get up at 4AM, but I also LOVE sleep. I am thankful I have the option to do both. When I was teaching in the classroom, I got up at 4AM every day. I loved that, but I also had to go to bed around 8:30PM every night because I was so sleepy. I am definitely someone who needs a lot of quality sleep. Jake can function with very little sleep and I am in awe of that. If I’m running low on sleep, there isn’t enough coffee in the world.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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