Morning bikes rides + business up top + Lu is feeling extra sassy…

Not the prettiest burrito, but they sure were delicious.

After breakfast, we got bundled up for a bike ride. It was pretty chilly when we started, so we wore all of the layers. I had on a base layer top, my bib, a pair of capris, tall socks, and a thick, waterproof shell over my base layer. It was the perfect amount for me. I think it was 35 degrees when we started riding.

20 miles with my bestie. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been on my bike…I felt very out of shape yesterday.

The weather and views were amazing.

As soon as we got home from our ride, I hopped in the shower and had lunch. I had meetings the rest of the day, so I knew I’d be on my computer A LOT. Lunch was more elk taco casserole and a clementine. I saved the seaweed for snack time.

In-between meetings, I took the girls to the dog park at the apartment. It felt so good to be in the sunshine and move around. Lu was feeling extra sassy with her haircut – she kept posing for pictures. It made me laugh.

This is how most meetings look…business up top, comfort on the bottom. I love you, Zoom meetings.

I had a quick snack before my next meeting – a banana, sweet peppers and Ranch, and seaweed.

Trail Sisters has all of their new winter gear available for purchase and I want ALL of it. I got this crew sweatshirt last year and wear it all the dang time. It’s so cozy. You can shop the store HERE.

Lu being so cute with her hair cut. She needed one so badly.

My last meeting ran an hour long, so I was late getting over to the house to help Jake. We met our friends, Kallie and Coty, for dinner, but they wanted to come see the house first, so they met us over there before we grabbed some food. I failed to take any pictures at dinner…I guess we were just having too much fun!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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