Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was another one where I got my days all mixed up…HA! Friday started with an open-faced breakfast sandwich and some veggies before a workout at AYB.

After my workout, I spent the day on the computer. I took a break for lunch – I had a bowl of spaghetti squash casserole and tofu before having a couple of meetings.

Around dinner time on Friday, I headed to the grocery store. My watch assumed I was going to Galloway. I guess it has learned my normal Friday night routine…

Our BotaBox was almost empty, so I just poured the rest of the wine into my glass. Turns out it was a little more than I thought…

I was going to order pizza, but then decided to just make a tortilla pizza instead. The ingredients are below – bake at 400 for 15/20 minutes and top with balsamic glaze. So. Good.

This girl. When she is allowed to be on the couch, she really lives it up.

Jake, my crazy, hard-working husband, picked up two double shifts this weekend, so he worked from 8AM until midnight Friday and Saturday. He ended up working late both Saturday and Sunday nights, too. I don’t know how he does it. It’s something small, but I try to help out however I can, so I put together breakfast and lunch for him for Saturday. He had a breakfast burrito, spaghetti squash casserole, clementines, and a fig bar.

Our run Saturday morning wasn’t looking too promising…

We had a pretty lazy Friday. It was wonderful.

Rhea normally sleeps right next to our bed, but on the nights when Jake works until midnight, she sleeps in the doorway instead. It’s precious. I think she’s both protecting me and waiting for him.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a super upset stomach and didn’t go back to sleep for a long, so I told the girls I was bailing on our run, but then they looked at the weather and decided to cancel it all-together. It stormed most of the morning, so I took it as a sign to take another day off from running and relax. My Mom texted me early inviting me over for breakfast, so I headed to my parents’ for a little bit in the morning. My Mom started decorating for Christmas, so I helped a little bit with getting her tree put together.

My Dad was putting some deliciousness into the crockpot for dinner and it involved bacon, so the girls didn’t stray far from his side.

My parents invited me over for dinner, too, so I decided to head back home and be productive until dinner time. I spent the day on the computer and took a break for lunch – a quesadilla and Nut Thins.

Then it was back to computer work…

I headed back over to my parents’ later in the day. I found some pickled okra in their fridge. One of my very favorite snacks.

My Dad cooked up a feast, including beer bread. YUM.

He also made beer bourguignon, noodles, and corn.

Jake was able to stop by during his dinner time and enjoy everything my Dad had made. It was so nice to be able to see him for a little bit. It was about to start storming like crazy, so the girls and I left my parents’ and headed back to the apartment. We made it back RIGHT as it started pouring down rain and the wind was CRAZY. By the time it took us to get from my car to the front door, we were all drenched. My hair was soaked, my boots had water that I could pour out of them, and my clothes were dripping. It was bonkers.

It stormed most of the night Saturday night. I woke up Sunday and got ready for my long run. It was super windy still, 18-20+ MPH winds. But, I knew I wanted to get some miles in, so I got Rhea ready and we headed out for some miles. It was windy, but sunny, which was nice. We saw this buck around mile 8.

Hüma gels are my favorite. I’ve been using them for a couple of years now. I usually use the mango one, but I found a chocolate one in our stash, so I took that with me today. It was delicious.

We knocked out 12 miles together. We ran all over town and just made up the loop as we went. It was a blast.

This made me laugh way too hard.

Breakfast happened as soon as I finished my 12. It was delicious. I am missing bacon, though…I think we need more bacon. This was an open-faced English muffin topped with hummus, dairy-free cheese, and eggs, plus some sautéed spinach and mushrooms on the side.

I did laundry after breakfast. Rhea really cuddled, which made laundry difficult.

After laundry and a little computer work, I had lunch – orange chicken on a tortilla and broccoli.

We did all kinds of computer work, but lounged in bed while we did it, so that was nice. I also started packing. Well, one box. Our lease is up ONE month from tomorrow! Wahoo! I cannot wait. I need to get serious about packing…and helping Jake and his Dad get a couple of bedrooms finished so we can move into them and not have to worry about working around furniture.

The best news – Jake came home from work! He worked so much this weekend. We walked to Great Escape for a couple of beers and ordered dinner from The Rock while we were there. After dinner, we sat in our apartment and talked strategy for our house. When I finished brushing my teeth, I walked out to this…Lu cuddling her tennis ball and Jake cuddling Lu. HA! We all know Lu’s priorities…

Happy Monday, friends!

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