Taking a rest day + we started on the kitchen + brrrr!

Thank you, Springfield FitLife, for this super comfy new sweatshirt! I LOVE it.

I woke up with a sore hamstring Monday morning, so since it was leg day at the gym, I decided to take a rest day. I didn’t run or lift, which felt weird for a Monday, but it’s important to listen to our bodies. I woke up today feeling back to normal, so I am glad I rested when I needed it! Breakfast Monday was another open-face English muffin topped with hummus, a meatless sausage patty, two eggs, and dairy-free cheese. Plus some veggies on the side.

I had a free hour before a meeting, so I stopped by my parents’ house to play with my niece for a little bit. Eleanor loves playing in the water, so my Dad built this stool for her. How cool is that?! Eleanor LOVES it.

We did a little coloring, too.

The teacher in me couldn’t leave without talking about how to spell her name. I’m sure she loved it.

I headed back home for a meeting, then met Jake over at the new house. In ONE month, we will officially be out of our apartment. HAPPY DANCE! I have talked about our plans before, but in case you missed it…we have some big remodeling we want to do – bathrooms and the kitchen – but we won’t do those things until we are already moved in. The kitchen will most likely wait for a couple of years, which is just fine because our kitchen works perfectly as it is. BUT, we decided since we are painting our walls white for the time-being, we might as well paint our cabinets. I am so excited about this project. So, here are the before pictures! I love all of the counter space in our kitchen. It’s going to be amazing for meal prep.

My goal yesterday was to get all of the cabinet drawers taken off and sand the bottom half of the cabinets.

No more drawers or doors! And the bottom half of everything is sanded. We just need to finish sanding, deep clean everything, prime, and paint! Eek!

I worked at the house until about 4PM then came home and had dinner because I realized I hadn’t had lunch. I was so hungry. I had a chicken wrap and broccoli. After I ate, I did a little meal prep – breakfast sandwiches and a tofu taco casserole. My Dad was getting new tires and wheels put on his truck, so I finished cooking and picked him up from work to go get his truck. I forgot to take a picture, but it looks super good!

When I got back home, I spent the next three hours grading. I am ALL caught up and ready to spend the rest of my week working on some manuscripts. That sure feels good. I can’t believe next week is Thanksgiving…

BOOP. Someone needed some extra cuddles while I was working.

Up at 4AM to meet my girls for some chilly miles! This pre-run coffee was extra delicious this morning. It’s that time of year when it’s extra hard to get out of bed.

BRR! It was chilly this morning. It was 32 while we ran and as soon as we stopped, I couldn’t wait to throw on sweats and crawl under a blanket.

I will head to the gym in a little bit, then need to spend most of the day writing and working on my cabinets. I think Jake and I are going to squeeze in a little date night later, so I am excited about that. Things have been bonkers lately and I think they’re going to stay that way until we move, but that’s okay!

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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