My current favorite oil + more sanding! + silly goose?

I love smells. Well, good smells. I have always loved perfume, candles, and lotions. I’ve been on the hunt to find an essential oil to diffuse that gives off a stronger scent. I love diffusing vanilla, but no matter how many drops I put in my diffuser, it’s still a pretty faint scent. I got some teakwood oil. another favorite scent, and holy cow – it’s amazing!! It’s exactly what I was looking for. It smells incredible and it has a little bit of a stronger scent. I love it.

I went to AYB for arm day. I am SO sore today. I went up in weight on my bench press, which felt really good. I love AYB because they safely push me to try things/weights I wouldn’t normally do. The trainers keep telling me I am stronger than I think I am, so I’m going to keep pushing and learning from them. After my workout, I knocked out a little bit of work, then had lunch – all of our plates were in the dishwasher, so I threw everything into a bowl. Broccoli and a wrap with orange chicken and a little cheese.

After I ate lunch, we ran to Lowe’s to pick out pulls and hinges for our kitchen. Jake headed to the house after that and I swung by the apartment to get the girls and lunch for Jake. The girls wanted him to share…shortly after this they were kicked out of the kitchen.

I spent a couple house working on the kitchen yesterday. As of now, there is no hardware left on anything, all the painted wood in the kitchen has been sanded, and I started filling holes. Today, I hope to finish filling holes and use some painter’s caulk to seal a few places. Depending how quickly that all dries, I will sand a few spots again and then deep clean before priming and painting!

I saw this on social media and it made me laugh really hard. Where did the phrase “silly goose” even come from? I think I need to find out…

Jake worked at the house until about 7. I went back to the apartment around 5 to do some computer work. We went on a quick little date to Galloway for dinner. We shared wings and the BLT. YUM.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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