Matching my Momma + the second coat is donezooo + Rhea is TWO!

After my run Tuesday, I had breakfast, did a little computer work, then headed to the gym. My body felt really tired yesterday, so I decided to use today as a rest day. I think I need it! This breakfast is delicious. I love prepping a bunch of veggies to just throw in a bowl with eggs. It makes breakfast super easy.

This is me. It’s bad. This is also the reason I always carry snacks with me…

My Mom saw these sweatshirts at Sam’s the other day and got them for us. I love it.

I went up in weight at the gym! I deadlifted 155 pounds. It was hard and I only did two sets, but that’s the heaviest I’ve ever deadlifted. I was excited. After the gym, I packed up lunches and headed over to the house to knock out my second coat of paint. This shirt and these sweats are officially my painting clothes.

My little helper.

After painting for a few hours, I took a lunch break. Big Mac casserole. This hits the spot. It’s a mixture of ground elk/ground beef, ketchup, coconut aminos, onion, and green peppers – all cooked together, then topped with spinach, cherry tomatoes, and bread and butter pickles. SO. Good.

The cabinets are finished!! I may be biased, but I think they look really good. I have started sanding the doors, but I’m not sure if I’ll get them painted before we move in or not…we will just see how things go.

We met our friends, Chris and Brittany, for a dinner date at Cesar’s. They were super sweet and met us late since we had been working at the house. I still had paint in my hair…HA! We always love spending time with these two.

Our Rhea-Girl is TWO today!!! I can’t believe it. Rhea is the happiest dog I have ever met and she never turns down a good cuddle. We love you, Raisin! You bring us so much joy. <3

She was such a little baby! My heart.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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