The kitchen is almost ready + our Thanksgiving + adding more projects to our list…

My kitchen is almost all finished (minus the doors). I painted the second coat on the drawers, so they’ll be ready to go back into the kitchen tomorrow. I also pulled off all the tape and ordered the hardware. It’s getting close! If I’m able to get the doors painted, that would be awesome, but we are now priming woodwork and walls to paint the house, so I’m not sure what all I will be able to do in the next few weeks. Less then three weeks until we move. We will get it all finished….we will get it all finished…The girls are never far from us when we are working.

Wednesday night, we met Jake’s family for dinner. They had plans on Thanksgiving, so this was our own little celebration. We had a blast. How cute is my sister-in-law? HA!

Thursday morning (Thanksgiving) started with sleeping in, and was followed by coffee and cuddles in bed. My parents were out of town for the holiday and we saw Jake’s mom, step-dad, and sister Wednesday, so other than spending time with Jake’s dad and step-mom, our only plans were to run and work at the house.

We got ready and ran a 5k as a family. The girls loved it. It was a little chilly, so Lu got to wear her running sweater.

I sure love my turkeys! We have had some hard things happen this year, but we still have SO much to be thankful for. Our health, our relationship, our families, our jobs, the means to tackle IVF, our new home…and the list continues. Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive, especially during a year like this one, but we sure are blessed. Thank you, God, for all of our blessings and struggles – they make us who we are.

Post-run mimosas in our wedding glasses. <3

After our run, we changed and headed over to Jake’s dad’s and step-mom’s for lunch. We had the most delicious spinach lasagne, Caesar salad, bread, and cookies. The girls got to go, too…they played like mad women in the backyard.

After lunch, it was time to head to the house and knock out some work. I finished painting the drawers for the kitchen, priming and painting a couple of doors, then primed all the woodwork in my office. We are about to start slinging paint, which I think is going to make everything look SO good. I also need to start packing…send help. Our list to accomplish before we move: prime woodwork in three bedrooms, hallway, entryway, and living room (maybe dining room? I can’t remember), paint the rooms I just listed, paint and seal floors (stay tuned on this), aaaand scrape the popcorn ceilings in the living room and dining room…we just added this to our projects to tackle before we move. GULP. We can do it! Oh, and we need to pack…

When you do not care that you move in three weeks and want to go home for dinner…Poor Lu. She’s so mistreated.

I finally took her home and fed her. She then stole my blanket and passed out. This girl gets sassier with each passing year…

Ever had Hooter’s on Thanksgiving? HA! I got back to the apartment, made a drink, and realized we had ZERO food. UGH. One of the the only places open was Hooter’s, so I ordered some wings and curly fries. Definitely a Thanksgiving meal I will never forget! It was pretty dang delicious.

I love looking through our old Thanksgiving pictures. This is when we were dating – 2016.

I THINK we were engaged here? I can’t remember for sure…2017.

Our first Thanksgiving as a married couple – 2018.

In 2019, we spent Thanksgiving in Florida with my family. It was such a blast!

Happy Friday, friends!

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