Weekend Wrap-up!

Wow. This weekend was a busy one. We have a little over two weeks before we move, so it’s crunch time. We are SO blessed to have family nearby that will help us with all of these projects. Jake’s dad has been a painting fool at our house. There’s no way we would be as far through everything as we are. Thank you, John!

My Friday morning started with 6 miles in the sunshine with Rhea. I couldn’t believe how amazing the weather was. I had to take my long-sleeve off after a couple of miles.

I think Rhea was missing the cooler weather we had been having…

Post run deliciousness – a tortilla (yes, there’s a tortilla under there, HA!) topped with eggs, beets, brussels, sweet potatoes, and chicken sausage. YUM.

My drawers were finally dry enough for me to put them back into the kitchen. I LOVE how this is turning out. The doors are all sanded and ready to be painted, but I’m not sure when I’ll get to them. I knew I wanted everything in the kitchen and the drawers to be painted before we moved in, so I feel good about this progress.

We decided to go ahead and scrape two ceiling that had popcorn on them. We figured it would be way easier to do that before all of our stuff was in the house. Jake and his Dad knocked out two rooms in about two hours! I was shocked. They already look so much better! I’m so glad our living room is popcorn free!

Alex, one of my running gal pals, baked a homemade pumpkin pie for us on Thanksgiving! She is the BEST. This was the only normal Thanksgiving thing we had, so it is extra special. It is also crazy delicious. Thank you, Alex!!! You are wonderful.

Another day, another paint bun. I think I am just going to be constantly covered in paint until we are finished painting…

I picked my parents up from the airport Friday evening, then we met Dawn (my birth mom) and Mitch (her man) at Galloway for dinner. I was so excited to see everyone that I couldn’t even take a picture of my food…here’s proof…

After dinner, it was home to cuddle my girls and pass out. I was in the process of putting clothes away when Lu made her bed on this pile. So, these clothes stayed out. She’s mildly spoiled.

Saturday morning started with 10 miles with Jordan and Rhea! It was chilly when we started, but we both agreed it was just about the perfect weather after we warmed up.

The best thing after a long run? Chic-fil-A. I always get their chicken biscuit and add an egg to it. SO good.

After breakfast, I met my parents and Jake’s Dad over at the house. We got two more rooms completely primed! Woof. My Mom treated everyone to lunch, too. I love that Jimmy John’s has mini subs. It’s the perfect amount.

Our friends, Cassie and Jesse, came over to see our progress when Jake got off work Saturday night. They brought over the fixings for Dark and Stormies (the best). Lu cuddled me like this for a long time and it was precious.

Jake knocked out a few things at the house, then we all headed out for dinner. I went out looking SUPER good.

We went to Cody’s and they have one of the best Reubens. SO dang good. Jesse was pretty excited for me.

Sunday morning started with sleeping in, coffee, and a smoothie. Aaaand some more priming. Between Friday and Sunday, we primed my office, our guest room, our master (walls, trim, and closets in all three rooms), the hallway, the entryway, and the coat closet. All. The. Priming. It feels like we accomplished a lot, but we will have a ways to go! One step at a time…

Rhea is never to far from one of us. I’m not sure if laying under the ladder is the best option…

The pulls for our drawers came in! I LOVE them.

When we finished priming at the house, I came back to the apartment to do some meal prep and get ready for the upcoming week. I made breakfast burritos and taco salads for lunch. I think prepping took maybe two hours? (I also made dinner). Just getting a few things prepped makes me feel a little more grounded. I was feeling overwhelmed looking at my week – it’s a busy one, but I also need to start packing and continue painting. Hopefully having some good food ready for us will help!

This dinner was amazing. Salad with Primal Palate’s Caesar and ground chicken cooked in coconut aminos over cauli rice cooked in ghee and a little yogurt ranch – SO good. Jake was able to stop by the apartment and grab some, too. He worked a double yesterday…I don’t know how.

After dinner, I did laundry and made a blueberry lemon coffee cake (RECIPE), and sipped on wine. Once the coffee cake was in the oven, I parked it on the couch. I was beat!

While my coffee cake baked, I enjoyed a piece of Alex’s pumpkin pie. Mmmm.

I also got ALL of the cuddles from my babies. We lounged and watched Grey’s Anatomy until bed time.

Just a few weeks until the end of the fall semester…it’s going to be a little crazy around here for the next few weeks – here we go!

Happy Monday, friends!

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