I love food + packing…again + it’s moving month!

Monday started with a breakfast burrito and a little computer work. I only have a few weeks left in the semester, so I’m trying to wrap things up, get a jumpstart on grading, and prepare for my spring courses! I can’t believe my first semester as a professor is almost over…time has absolutely flown.

I went to the gym for the leg day, then came home for lunch and a little more computer work. We are having chicken taco salads the first part of the week. These have lettuce, chicken, dairy-free mozzarella (me), guac, salad, and jalapeños. I added some blue corn tortilla chips on the side for good measure, too.

After lunch, I worked at the house for a few hours, then swung by our storage unit to get boxes from the last time we moved. 6 months ago. As I was taping boxes shut, I kept thinking how we JUST did this. The past 6 months have flown. Wine always makes packing easier…

I took a packing break for dinner – leftover ground chicken, cauli rice, and salad.

I binged Grey’s while I packed.

A little blueberry lemon coffee cake for dessert.

I got most of our guest bathroom and about half of my office packed. At least I’m just packing up an apartment and not a house this time!

BRRR. It was 18 degrees on our run today. I got bundled up and enjoyed my warm coffee before meeting the girls.

6 chilly miles. I wasn’t sure if I should take Rhea or not, but she was probably the only one of us who wasn’t freezing…

I have some meetings today and tomorrow, so I won’t get to be at the house as much as I would like. I’m thankful I will be on Christmas break over our move. That will help SO much.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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