My favorite salsa + I didn’t take any pictures…+ some favorite finds!

Yesterday was a busy day, so I only got pictures of lunch, HA! After my run, I did some computer work and just couldn’t get warm, so I crawled back into bed after doing a little writing and accidentally slept for two more hours. Whoops! I guess I needed it. When I got up, I did some more computer work and a little packing, then took a break for lunch. This salsa is the BEST. I got it at Target and could eat the entire jar.

More taco salad, chips, and Grey’s in-between packing up our apartment.

After lunch, I had a meeting, then took Jake’s car in for an inspection to get new license plates. After that, I met Jake and his dad at our house and knocked out the second coat of primer in two of the bedrooms. We will be painting by Friday/Saturday, which is exciting! I think everyone is feeling the pressure to get things finished before we move…if we can get two of the three bedrooms painted as well as the hallway, entryway, kitchen, and laundry room, I will feel good. On top of all that painting, we also need to paint and seal the floors. I think that makes me the most nervous because they will need a lot of time to dry and set-up. Once we get moved in, we will worry about painting the living room, dining room, gym, and eventually sunroom. We won’t be in our master bedroom at first because Jake wants to remodel the master bathroom. That will work perfectly because we can move into one of the guest rooms and leave the master blocked off so the rest of the house doesn’t get all dusty from that work. We knew we wouldn’t be completely finished by the time we moved in and that’s okay – this house is work in progress, but I cannot wait to be there full-time! SO so so thankful for our families who are helping and/or bringing over lunch/dinner/beer/keeping us sane. They’re the best!

Some of my favorite Amazon finds:

I swear by this Body Glide for every run. My sports bras always chafe me around my rib cage, so this is a must. I’ve been using it for about two years and never run without it. It is unscented, which I like.

I am obsessed with this tunic dress. I got a large because I wanted it a little longer/baggier. It’s super cute worn as a dress or open with jeans and booties. I washed and dried it and it didn’t shrink.

We put this in our girls’ water and it helps keep their breath from stinking. We love pup kisses over here, so this is a must.

I got this lace trimmed cami and have worn it a few times. I got a medium because I wanted the length, but a small would’ve probably fit better. The medium gaps a little around my arm pits.

Jake and I love white boards for keeping track of things. This is the one we just ordered to keep track of our house projects.

Today is another crazy day, so I won’t be able to get over to the house at all. I hope to find little pockets of time to pack today in-between working.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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