Making up for yesterday + 122 boxes + we are painting our fireplace!

I didn’t get a post up yesterday. Things were just kind of bonkers! Hopefully only a few more days of chaos…we are very ready to get moved. Lunch on Tuesday was the most delicious wrap. Plus chips and salsa. YUM.

Lots of sandwiches and wraps for us until we move and I can unpack our kitchen!

I took more boxes over to our house. This process works so well. By the time we actually move (next Wednesday), we will only have furniture to move, which will be so nice.

Tuesday night, we worked at the house until about 7:30PM. We grabbed dinner out, so of course we went to Galloway.

After dinner, we watched an episode of The Queen’s Gambit and I got lots of Rhea cuddles.

Breakfast Wednesday morning was another egg scramble with half a bagel and two sausage links.

I worked ALL day Wednesday on packing. Our apartment is pretty well completely packed, which feels good. While I was packing, Jake worked at the house. He also picked up our floor – so exciting! 122 boxes, ready to be put down once we get the living room finished.

I took two more big loads of boxes to the house. My box pile is growing!

After I unloaded the second load of boxes, I helped prime the living room and the kitchen. We also started priming our fireplace. There were some stains on the stone that we couldn’t get out, so we decided to paint it. This is just the primer…any guess on what the color will be?!

Here’s the before of the living room/fireplace.

I cooked a huge batch of chicken in the crockpot on Tuesday, so we will eat on that for the next few days. I also have a bunch of steam-able veggies and microwavable grains/rice, which are life savers. Dinner last night was what I called Lazy Girl Chicken Pesto. Shredded chicken with pesto (and Sriracha), plus some grains and a sweet potato/cauliflower rice mixture. It was delicious!

I think I took this Tuesday night, but I honestly can’t remember. The sunset was gorgeous.

I turned my alarm off this morning (grr), so I missed my run with the girls. I planned to run before the gym, but forgot I have a meeting. Things might just be a little crazy until we get moved, so I’m not going to stress about missing runs/workouts. One more week of crazy! I have a faculty meeting in a little bit, so I am going to grade until then. I hope my meeting is over in time for me to get to the gym, then it’s time to work on the house! It feels good to see some changes now. That makes it feel like we are making progress.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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