Gym time + finally getting to paint cabinet doors + good feedback

I got to the gym yesterday for leg day, which felt amazing since I skipped on Friday. We just finished our 9-week cycle, so we are having a couple of de-loading weeks before starting our next one. I think we will start our next lifting cycle after the first of the year. I am excited for that round because we will be moved and not doing a billion things all the time. : )

Lunch was a wrap and some leftover bacon-wrapped dates. I’m trying to eat up everything in our fridge so we don’t have so much to move.

I spent the day taking a couple of loads over to the house, sanding the woodwork in our master, and finally getting started on painting my cabinet doors! All of the doors in the kitchen have at least one coat of paint on the inside and maybe about half or so are ready for paint on the outside. I am SO excited to get the doors put back on. Rhea liked to make herself cozy under where I was painting.

I decided I also wanted to paint this shelving unit in our hallway to match our kitchen cabinets, so I got the first coat of paint on it last night, too.

This needs one more coat and then I need to start on the doors. This was not fun to cut in around the trim…these walls are finished, so I was nervous about getting gray paint on them. The first time we scuff a wall I’m going to cringe…HA!

I can’t believe my first semester as a professor is almost over. It  FLEW by. I have learned SO much. I had things that went well, things that I want to tweak, and things that did not go as planned. I made a survey in all of my classes and begged my students to complete it. They’re the ones taking these courses, so I value their input. My students shared some great ideas for future classes and I am excited to implement those in my teaching. A colleague who helps students with scheduling forwarded me this email and it made me smile. I definitely felt like there were some areas this semester where my teaching could’ve been better – videos, longer comments, etc., but those are things I will keep working at and try to improve this spring. I am glad my students learned – that’s the whole point, right? I still can’t believe this is my job.

Off to get a little run in, then knock out some work at the house before moving day TOMORROW!! Wahoo!

THIS will always be one of my favorite memories. I always get choked up thinking about my doctoral graduation. Two years ago yesterday my Dad got to co-hood me as I walked across the stage at graduation. It was the BEST. Now I have my dream job – feeling extra thankful today.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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