We are moved! + leftovers + a few more house updates

Well, we are officially out of our apartment and in our house! We still have about two weeks of hard work on the house, but after that, we hope to have our floors in and that the projects will slow down a little bit. We are both SO happy to be in one place now. This furball and I headed out for 4 miles Tuesday morning. We always stop at her favorite drink spot.

Here are a few more house updates! I will do a whole post with before and after pictures once we get our floors in. We replaced the old fan in the kitchen with this light. It gives off a ton of light, which is amazing. The old light wasn’t very bright, so it made things kind of dingy looking.

I can’t remember if I shared this already or not, but this is the fan we chose for our guest room. I love that the blades sit a little higher above the light.

We can’t decide if we want to leave these shelves white or paint them the same color as the fireplace. We will eventually cover them with rough cut cedar, but we can’t decide what to do until then. Here is our wood floor! I cannot wait to see everything put together.

Jake’s sweet Momma saved us this week by bringing over lots of leftovers. We haven’t had to worry about groceries or food and that has been super nice. Thank you, Penny!!

Thursday morning, moving day, started with a three-miler with Kayla and Rhea. It was crazy slick outside, so it was a little sketchy, but we survived and no one fell.

After our run, I grabbed breakfast from Chick-fil-A then headed back to the apartment to start loading things up. Our friend, Scottie, helped Jake move our heavy stuff, so I got some cuddles from his son, Banks, while they unloaded things. How cute is he?

After Jake and Scottie finished moving all of our furniture, Jake and I went to clean the apartment one last time – bye, bye, apartment life! Neither of us were sad to leave the apartment behind. For the most part, we enjoyed being there, but our incredibly rude neighbors will not be missed. At all.

Jake’s Dad, Jeff, brought this over for us. He gets us.

After we cleaned the apartment, we ran all kinds of errands to get last-minute things, then went to Galloway with Kayla for dinner. My plan today is to run, unpack, grade finals, and get as organized as I can. I might try to do a little painting, too…

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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