Weekend Wrap-up!

What. A. Weekend. Our first one in our new house! We have still been over here working like crazy, but the end (for now) is in sight. This weekend, we finished our master, the master closets, a hallway closet, our kitchen (just waiting on cabinet doors to cure completely), laundry room, and only have one coat of paint left on the bathroom in our laundry room. SO much progress. From here, I will finish the kitchen cabinets, start on a couple more cabinets in our laundry room and hallway, the boys will start working in our dining room, and we are having our floors put in. In 2.5 weeks, we should be finished with all of that! Then we will have a little time to chill before our next projects – our gym, the sunroom, and our bathroom remodel. We are getting close! Breakfast Friday morning consisted of eggs, turkey sausage, and a blueberry waffle.

I worked on unpacking clothes and our kitchen over the weekend, so that took up most of my time. I am so thankful to be on Christmas break. That helps SO much. In-between unpacking and organizing, I took a break for lunch and had leftover taco salad.

Lu was not being the most helpful unpacker…at least she’s cute.

I have the best gal pals! My friends, Adrienne and Becca, dropped off some house warming goodies for us. They know me well…candy, snacks, candles, and wine…all my favorites.

Jake put in a new faucet in the kitchen and our laundry room bathroom…I LOVE them.

Dinner surrounded by unpacking chaos.

I have almost all of our clothes unpacked. Now that the closets in our master are finished, I can move things into them. We won’t sleep in our master until Jake finishes our bathroom remodel, but we are definitely going to use the closets…I have way too many clothes…

Saturday morning started with a trail run in my new Altras! I have THESE (the Olympus). I tried an older model of these a few years ago and didn’t love them, but Jake talked me into giving them another chance. WOW. So glad I did. They’re amazing. These will be a staple in my trail running closet. I also love the Timps (THESE). These two shoes are what I wear for trail running. I wear the Torin for road.

I hadn’t been on trail in about a month. It felt amazing to be back out there! Especially with these ladies.

I had loaded up all of our dirty laundry when I left for my run so I could do a couple of loads at my parents’ on my way home. Thank you, Mom and Dad! My Mom even had breakfast and coffee waiting for me. <3

I grabbed Chick-fil-A on my way back to our house and enjoyed a little Grey’s Anatomy before painting with Jake’s Dad.

This is the paint we have used on our walls, trim, and ceilings. This is the wall paint. We got different sheens/finishes for the trim and ceiling, but it’s all the White Dove color. Our walls are  an eggshell finish.

We had our first fire in the fireplace Saturday night! Jake’s parents brought over dinner and we sat down and relaxed for a little bit. Thank you, Jeff and Penny!

On Sunday, Jake’s Dad and I finished painting while Jake was at work, then I got started on some meal prep. I made chili, which was SO tasty. This has chicken, a bunch of different sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes, black beans, kidney beans, and pinto beans, veggie stock, chili powder, and brown sugar.

Post-painting relaxation. Chili, wine, and Grey’s.

Breakfast this week will be bowls with eggs, sausage, mushrooms, sweet potato hash browns (purple sweet potatoes and garnet sweet potatoes), and beets. YUM.

Happy Monday, friends!

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