Breakfast bowls are life + night run + he lost his spot…

These breakfast bowls are delicious. They have mushrooms, beets, sweet potato hash browns, sausage, and eggs.

After breakfast Monday, I went to the gym, then chowed down on a delicious wrap for lunch while working on unpacking our bathroom.

The sun was shining while I ran a few errands and it felt amazing.

I came home to this basket of goodies – thank you, Marissa, and Phil! They always put together the best treats. <3

I don’t know what this is, but I can’t stop eating it…

I spent the rest of the day organizing and unpacking. My running group had planned a fun evening run to look at lights, so I met up with them for some miles followed by wine Monday evening. I failed at taking pictures, but we had a blast!

After our run, I came home and devoured some of the chili I had made Sunday. It is SO good.

All chili needs to be topped with pickled jalapeƱos. I also add brown sugar to my chili. I like the spicy/sweet combo.

Jake takes his faucet replacing duties very seriously.

Jake picked up a couple of shifts that have him getting home at 8AM. Rhea took it upon herself to take over his spot. And his pillows.

I think it’s time for a king bed…

I got 5 miles in before going to the gym this morning. This weather is perfect running weather. I want it to stay forever.

A breakfast bowl the second I got home. I was starving after running and lifting.

Jake’s catching up on some sleep, then we will spend the day working together on things. I hope everyone’s day is wonderful!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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