Weekend Wrap-up: Christmas Edition

This week is the best week ever because we will have floors! I cannot wait. This is the flooring we chose to use until we put our permanent floor in after our kitchen remodel (3-5 years). We got this at Sam’s and LOVE it. Our floor will start going in Tuesday. WAHOOOOO!

Now, let’s wrap-up Christmas and the weekend…

We got lots of cuddle time before Christmas.

Jake and I had an at-home dinner date Wednesday night. I made salmon, asparagus, and a salad.

It was so nice to sit and relax. We watched a little bit of Queen’s Gambit while we ate.

Thursday morning (Christmas Eve day), started with some trail miles with Alex. We went to Two Rivers and ran a little over 6.

After my run, Jake and I got ready to celebrate Christmas with my family. Lu and Rhea are obsessed with my sweet niece. Here’s Lu giving all the kisses to Eleanor.

So blessed to have these people.

My favorite Christmas tradition: monkey bread. We have had this on Christmas for as long as I can remember.

We also had other deliciousness for brunch. Plus mimosas. Always mimosas.

My parents got me this mug for a stocking stuffer. It makes me smile.

My parents got Jake a massive party bucket of Fireball, which Eleanor carried around all day while wearing her cheetah jumpsuit from us…I can’t help it when it comes to cheetah print. She rocks it!

Eleanor got this tent and was obsessed with it. It was so fun watching her open presents.

I got this saw for my Dad’s wood working workshop in his garage.

My favorite guy. Jake had to work Christmas Eve, so I soaked up our time together.

Tent chilling with my little bestie.

Christmas Eve night was spent being lazy and going to bed early. I was worn out!

I forgot to share all the cool plug-in/plate covers we put in our house – we got some of these USB plugs, which are amazing.

And we have a couple of these with the little night light. We put one in our kitchen and one in our hallway. These give off a lot of light!

We woke up on Christmas morning and did our family Christmas at home. Jake spoiled our girls with some new toys and bones.

After our Christmas, we had Christmas with Jake’s Mom’s side of the family. We always have such a blast with everyone. Jake’s Grandma makes the most delicious breakfast, too.

After breakfast, we had lunch with Jake’s Dad’s family. I failed to take any pictures, but everything was SO good. Jake had to work on Christmas, so I spent the evening at my parents’ house. These two went with me of course.

We had lots of delicious things for dinner.

Saturday I had a quick breakfast before starting on some projects around the house.

I took a break for lunch and had a frozen pizza and a side salad.

To make a long story short…I wanted so badly to get all of the cabinet doors put back on and to surprise Jake, but things were not going well. Turns out we ordered the wrong hinges. This is what the doors were doing…they wouldn’t close! I ran all over town trying to find the right hinges. I finally found some at Menards.

My parents came over and helped me hang some of the doors, but they were not sitting correctly. The doors kept rubbing or were crooked. UGH. We finally called it a night. Jake said he would do some research to see what he could figure out. Surprise ruined, but thankful for a husband who loves to brainstorm.

Sunday morning started with the most delicious breakfast burrito.

I scrubbed our kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room floor, then vacuumed the rest of the house to get it ready for our floors to go in on Tuesday. I took a break for lunch somewhere in-between all the cleaning.

I also meal prepped – this week we have BBQ chicken, taco salad, and the most delicious breakfast casserole.

When Jake got home from work, he worked on our cabinet doors. He found a guy online who had run into the same issue with his new hinges. The guy used a towel to kind of stretch the hinges…it worked!! I guess our new hinges were an eighth of an inch off from the old ones. Jake just put a thick bath towel in-between the two doors and pushed until they closed. He did this until the doors closed correctly. It worked so well and didn’t take any time at all. My hero!

We still need to finish the bottom row on the other side, but I love it! Uuuum, Jake…I think we put the bottom ones under the counter in this picture on upside down…we can fix that…HA!

After working on cabinets for a little bit, we sat down and had dinner – honey mustard chicken, mashed cauliflower, and salad.

Jake’s parents got me new wine glasses for Christmas, so we sent them a virtual cheers using my new glasses last night.

I have been struggling to get up and run lately, so I made myself get up at 4AM and meet Alex. I was SO glad I did. I need to do this all week…

Breakfast casserole and toast post-run. YUM.

Anyone else get confused on their days in-between Christmas and New Years? I feel like everything blurs together…

Happy Monday, friends!


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