The best taco salad + hellooo rain + it’s floor day!

This was one of the best taco salads I’ve ever had. It was also massive…this had iceberg lettuce, spinach, peppers, ground turkey, peach salsa, plain Greek yogurt, jalapeños, and tortilla chips. I am a sweet salsa addict…so badly that when we eat Mexican out, I add sweetener to my salsa…Jake judges me when I do this, but I can’t help it. It’s so tasty.

Rhea had a heart-worm test yesterday. Since Jake was trying to catch up on sleep from working like a crazy person, I took Lu to the vet with us. She was pretty sad when Rhea left without her. I don’t think she would’ve been quite as sad if she had known what was happening inside.

I love having cabinet doors. I still haven’t sanded or painted the door to our lazy Susan, so once I do that, I’ll share before and afters and everything we did to our cabinets.

This was a sad notification to get…Jake got my new car for me in August. I just hit 5,000 miles in her. I’m not sure if that’s a lot or not, but the miles add up quickly! Time for an oil change.

It rained/sleeted on us during our entire run this morning. I feel a nap coming on later…maybe a warm bath, too. It’s hard to warm up after a cold rainy run!

Someone else wasn’t super happy about the rain run…she’s soaked. She would’ve been even madder if I had left her at home, though. Ya win some, ya lose some.

Our floors should start going in today! We are SO excited.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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