Time away from the house + we have floors + wild turkeys!

After our rainy, cold run yesterday, I could not get warm. I had breakfast, then the girls and I crawled back into bed under all the covers. I think they both liked the late morning nap.

The guys came to start on our floors yesterday (YAY!), so I loaded up the girls and took them to my parents’ for the day. My Mom and I ran a couple of errands and then grabbed lunch. I caught my Mom with her mouth full. She’s still cute even with a mouth full of chips!

I had half a pizza and half a salad. It was delicious.

My Mom had an appointment, so I lounged on the couch and watched Grey’s while doing laundry. It was so relaxing.

Jake texted me that the guys were finished for the day with our floors, so I took the girls home to see the progress. The floors look amazing!! We are loving how they’re turning out. It’s wonderful to have floors again.

Here’s our master!

The girls aren’t quite sure what to think about having floors in part of the house. They kept walking in places where we still have plywood.

Another massive taco salad for dinner. Mmm.

We are over at my parents’ again this morning. Eleanor is here, too. My Mom took this picture of Eleanor and  Rhea watching the turkeys in the backyard.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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