I love these floors + see ya, 2020 + news!

I can’t believe today is the last day of 2020. What a crazy year! I spent yesterday at my parents’ again. Eleanor was there so our girls loved that. There were also some wild turkeys in the backyard, so that kept everyone’s attention for awhile.

Our girls love to give Eleanor all of the kisses.


Just hanging in the storage area while my Mom’s cleaning lady worked. My Dad and I tried to stay out of her way, ha!

Rhea is our 40 pound lap dog.

We got a little bit of snow yesterday and it made everything SO beautiful.

The guys made SO much progress on our floors yesterday!! They’re almost finished. Jake and I LOVE them. Everything is starting to really come together. Here is my office. All the heart eyes.

The entry is almost finished, too.

And the living room! Frank Camden with Camden Construction is doing all of this work and he is amazing. We highly HIGHLY recommend him!

We had dinner at Jake’s parents’ last night. We always have the best food at their house. YUM.

We knocked out our last 2020 run this morning! Rhea wasn’t super happy about being forced to take a group selfie…she’s giving Kayla major side eye here…

Rhea looks like a monster in this picture. A big furry monster!

A little news to share – we will be doing another round of IVF sometime in 2021. We  prayed about it and had a long talk with our doctor and felt like that was the direction we wanted to go. We are excited and nervous, but are continuing to put our faith in God’s hands. I’m not sure how much we will share about the whole journey, sometimes I don’t want to talk about it and other times it’s all I want to talk about, BUT I wanted to update our friends on our plans. We appreciate any prayers/good vibes! We have the best people and love all of you!

We are excited to ring in the new year this evening – 2021 is going to be one hell of a year! <3

Happy Friday Eve, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    Chelsea! You will remain in my thoughts and prayers this year! I know that this journey to motherhood might not have been what you planned BUT I know that you will get to being a mother one day whether that be through natural birth or adoption. <3

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