Weekend Wrap-up

The days between Christmas and New Years are always jumbled. Then, the days after New Years just feel like a blur. I always struggle to find a routine during this time of the year, so I let myself be lazy and really enjoy having lots of free time. It was wonderful! Buuuut, now I am ready to get back to my normal routine. I didn’t fall asleep until around 3AM – I laid in bed from 10 until 3 trying to force myself to sleep, so I got a little later start than I wanted today, but I’m praying for good sleep tonight. Let’s rewind to NYE – I was craving Chinese food, so that’s what we had for dinner. It was delicious. We picked up Peking House, which is a 417 staple.

These two were falling asleep around 7PM on NYE.

We figured since we had floors, we might as well have some friends over to ring in the new year! We want to put this blue couch in our sunroom, so we started looking at some sectionals. I can’t wait to get a big comfy couch in this room. It’s going to make everything feel so cozy.

Someone put herself to bed around 9PM…she just couldn’t make it to midnight.

Our fourth new year together. <3

Thankful for these gal pals.

Jake and I always go to Brew Co on New Year’s Day for their Mug Club brunch – it’s a blast. I totally failed to take pictures, but we took Jake’s parents as our guests. We had so much fun! The rest of our day was pretty laid back. We took a nap, then I unpacked a few boxes and relaxed on the couch once Jake went to work. Bummer news – I always have the knot on top of my foot that you can see on my left foot, but I did something to my right foot and the knot got big, super painful, and red. I could hardly walk on New Year’s Eve. I started icing and using CBD oil on this spot right away (thanks, Jake). This is the knot after it started to feel a little bit better. If anyone has an idea what this could be, please let me know!

Always icing.

Rhea is the cuddliest girl in the entire world.

We got a bunch of ice over the weekend, which made for a busy work load for Jake. It sure is pretty, though!

I headed to my parents’ house Saturday morning to get some laundry done. I grabbed breakfast on my way there. I love a good biscuit. Mmm.


It snowed most of Saturday and Sunday. I was at my parents’ doing laundry most of Saturday since our dryer belt burned up, which sucks, but I got to enjoy this view.

Back to our house – SO EXCITING – Thank you, Zach!!! Jake’s friend, Zach, helped him frame out this doorway for the slider we want to put in between our dining room and sunroom.

Here it is!! Even just having this space more open makes everything look so much better. We will put a three-panel slider door in this space. At least that’s the plan right now! Just need to have them come and do the final measurements before ordering the door.

Sunday morning was spent organizing my office! I go back to work today, but don’t have too much on my schedule yet this week, so I hope to knock out some writing. Here’s the before:

And after! I am waiting on my rug to arrive (see below), I need a book shelf (I’m using some shelving that will go in our garage eventually), and we want to put a couch in here.

I am so excited to get my office finished. This is the rug I ordered and I can’t wait to see it with my desk. Now to find a book shelf…Jake and I may try to build one together. Stay tuned. ; )

I am so excited about this purchase. My old printer died while we were still in the apartment – I think it was about 6ish years old or so. I spent some time researching new printers and decided on the HP Envy 6055. So far, I am impressed!

Here’s the printer! I am OBSESSED. It is wireless and has the HP Print Plan, which means I don’t ever have to worry about running out of ink. It will be automatically shipped to me when it’s running low. This feature is amazing and a big reason why I chose this printer.

Lunch was a wrap and a salad with homemade ranch from Jake’s sweet Aunt Michelle. <3


I did a little meal prep when I finished organizing my office. I cooked some chicken for lunches and made an egg casserole for breakfast – this has eggs, ham, mushrooms, and a sweet potato crust. I think it’s gonna be goooood.

Jake and I had a little date night at Bawi last night. It’s a Korean BBQ place where you cook everything at your table. It was pretty delicious. I was WAY too full after eating here…they bring out a ton of food.

Dessert is included with your meal – it was so good. Ice cream and a mini Moon Pie.

Happy first Monday in 2021, friends!

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