Back to it + the best food + alarm issues…

Rhea-Girl and I knocked out 3 easy miles yesterday morning. I had a sore foot all weekend, so I wanted to test the waters and see how it did. It felt normal! Thank goodness. I’m hoping something just got flared up and it won’t be an issue anymore. I am determined to do a better job of stretching and foam rolling. I foam rolled for about 20 minutes last night and had knots everywhere. Hopefully those little things will help! Our first run of 2021 felt good!

This breakfast is AMAZING. Avocado toast with Everything but the Bagel seasoning and casserole. So. Delicious. And filling.

Here’s the recipe: one sweet potato (sliced), one purple sweet potato (sliced), two packages of honey ham (cubed), 16 eggs, one and a half containers of mushrooms (halved), and a splash of hemp milk (you can use any plain milk). I added some salt and pepper to taste, then cooked at 350 for 30-45 minutes – until the middle was solid. Enjoy!

After breakfast, I went to the gym. We started week 1 of our 9-week cycle yesterday. I love that AYB has us working on certain movements for 9 weeks. It is cool to focus on specifics and see our growth. When I got home, I inhaled this salad, before getting my oil changed. Sometimes I don’t like bell peppers, but the past few weeks, they have been extra delicious. This had all the spinach, chicken, a little goat cheese, Garlic Expressions dressing, and bell peppers.

I finalized one of my four courses for the fall in the afternoon yesterday. My goal is to have all of them ready to go 100% by Friday. I also need to do some writing this week. I sent this meme to Jake. It made me laugh way too hard. If you know, you know. Ladies, am I right?

Dinner last night was a tofu, broccoli, and mushroom stir-fry over rice. This was a meal I want to remember! I cooked the broccoli (frozen) and mushrooms (fresh) together in ghee, coconut aminos, and a little sesame oil. I cubed the tofu and cooked it with coconut aminos and a little Everything but the Bagel seasoning. So. Dang. Good. We are having this again tonight and I’m already excited.

After dinner, I foam rolled and lounged on the couch.

I am not a huge peppermint/candy cane fan, but holy yum – we got these for Christmas and they taste like Andes Mints. Incredible.

I either turned my alarm off or messed up when I set it, ugh, so I woke up at 4:50 instead of 4. I missed running with my girls, but Rhea and I are going to head out in a little bit and knock out a few miles.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


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