YUM + he’s a hunk + our new fun electronic!

I wanted something different for breakfast yesterday, so I made eggs, bacon, toast, and added half of an avocado on the side for good measure.

I am super excited about our new doorbell! We had a Ring at our old house, but decided to go with the Nest this time. No real reason other than we also got a Nest Thermostat. I love having a doorbell with a camera again.

A little morning cuddling with my smallest furbabe.

How handsome is my man?! Jake got this jacket for Christmas from Dawn and he loves it. I laughed really hard at Rhea peaking out from behind Jake in this picture.

Jake and I ran a couple errands yesterday – we finally ordered our new fridge and some blinds for our living room. After errands, we had lunch at home. Lunch consisted of a bunch of random leftovers.

I did some computer work after lunch, then got hungry for waffles around 4PM. I had gotten some buttermilk waffles at the store when I was there the other day, so I was pretty excited. These hit the spot.

After my waffle snack, I knocked out some more computer work, then had a smoothie bowl for dinner. I topped this with whipped cream and honey. Mmm.

These two are never far…

Anyone else do this to their significant other? I make weird faces to Jake all the time and ask if he’d still love me if I looked like that. My friend, Alex, sent this meme to me and it made me feel good knowing I’m not the only weirdo who does this!

5 miles with these girls to start our Friday. Kayla told us to pose like Charlie’s Angels, so we did. Except Rhea. She doesn’t do poses.

Breakfast post-run – another waffle, bacon, two eggs, and half an avocado. So. Delicious.

I am so excited for this afternoon – Jake got me a spa day for Christmas, so I have a 90-minute massage and a 60-minute facial later. I cannot wait. I will go to the gym, then head to the spa to relax for a few hours. It’s going to be heavenly! Thank you, Jacob!!

Happy Friday, friends!

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