Always making me laugh + the ‘Aunt Chelsea Squeal’ + a little speed work!

This breakfast has been delicious this week. As much as I am loving these biscuits, I think we need to go back to more whole foods. I can tell I definitely feel better when I limit my processed food intake. One of my favorite ways to still enjoy toast is sweet potato toast! You just slice sweet potatoes and put them in the toaster. SO delicious. I top ours with peanut or almond butter, chia seeds, and flax seeds. I think we will do that when these biscuits are gone.

This pretty girls loves to be on my new rug. I snapped this picture of her and told Jake that she looked adorable. He told me to take a picture of him on the rug…

HA! He always keeps me laughing. He’s almost as cute as Rhea. Almost. ; )

This text made my day. My sister is working with Eleanor on some words. Eleanor now says Jake, but they’re working on Chelsea. She has said Hesse (like Jesse), but won’t say it very often. Every time she hears my name she just squeals. I guess Piper asked her to say Chelsea yesterday and she just screamed. I love her so much.

Jake and I had sandwiches and salad for lunch yesterday. I’m not a huge cucumber fan, but I don’t mind them on a sandwich. Mmm.

We did a little speed work this morning. I think it was my first speed work since maybe April or May? It hurt, but sure felt good to push again. I need to do this kind of run at least once a week.

I finally finished sanding the rest of the cabinet doors that I want to paint. I hope to get them primed today – fingers crossed. These are cabinet doors for our pantry, laundry room shelving, and a shelving unit in our hallway. One I get them all painted, I won’t have any more cabinets to paint! WAHOO!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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