Garlic Sriracha sauce is so good + back to painting + naps & warming up

We picked up some Garlic Sriracha sauce and cannot stop eating it. It is SO dang delicious on eggs. If you haven’t tried it, we very much recommend!

My legs have been super sore from the gym Monday, so I used my Air Relax to help with the soreness. I love these things and plan to use them often.

I was craving BBQ, so lunch was an open-faced BBQ chicken sandwich. I toasted a piece of bread, then topped it with spinach, shredded chicken, BBQ sauce, dairy-free provolone, and jalapeƱos. I heated everything up for about 45 seconds.

Back in my painting clothes and covered in primer! I got all the cabinets primed yesterday – wahoo! Jake told me that I lied to everyone on the blog yesterday. I guess there are about 5 more cabinet doors that I will work on when I finish with these. Soooo, I will not be completely finished when I finish the ones I’m working on – HA! My apologies for lying.

I think red lips are my favorite lips. Still using and loving LipSense.

All the bedtime cuddles from Lu-baby.

Morning miles with Kayla and Rachel, thennnn it was back to bed for a little nap while I warmed up. I could not get warm after our run!

Now it’s time for computer work and a little cabinet painting!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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