Back to painting + we cut holes in our ceiling + the best sangria!

Today is the last day of this breakfast because we are out of biscuits and I’m going to start making sweet potato toast, but I have very much enjoyed this deliciousness.

I have been wanting some side swept bangs for awhile now, so I finally did it yesterday. My awesome stylist squeezed me in and made my dreams come true!

I spent the morning and afternoon on my computer – I wanted to get a 1,500 word proposal written and I finished it around 3PM! It felt really good to get that knocked out. Now to do some final edits and submit it. I had the rest of a leftover sandwich from dinner Tuesday night while watching a little Grey’s on my lunch break.

After I finished writing, our insurance adjustor called to get my official statement about my accident last Friday. The man that hit me doesn’t have insurance (GRRR), so this is going to be a drawn out process. Praying it resolves quickly and I get my car back soon. I miss her. I started painting my primed cabinets last night. Getting closer to having these finished! I have one more coat on the backside and then two coats on the front.

Little Lu can’t be far from me. She curled up on an old towel while I painted in our prep room.

You know how we just finished smoothing and painting our living room ceiling? Well, we have made a change. We want to patch one of the old can lights. Soooo, Jake and his Dad cut a bunch of new holes for can lights and our fan last night. We will patch the one I am pointing to. I guess that’s just part of remodeling a home!

They also cut the holes for lights in our dining room, which I think they will start working on within the next few weeks.

After we finished up, we went to Cesar’s for a quick dinner about 8PM. Cesar’s has the best sangria that I’ve ever had. Highly, HIGHLY recommend. It’s my go-to drink there. I am super picky about sangria – I have had a lot that tastes like medicine, which I hate. If you like sangria, go to Cesar’s Old Mexico. You’re welcome.

They also have the best tacos in the entire world. I got one al pastor taco with a side of refried beans. Mmm.

I forgot to take a picture, but Rhea and I got 8 miles in with the girls this morning. I have a two hour faculty meeting this morning, then our new fridge is being delivered! I can’t wait to have more room for food. I hope to finish my proposal and painting the backs of my cabinet doors, too. It’s a full day, which I like. I feel like I am much more productive when I have a lot to get accomplished.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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