The best snack + we got a new fridge + this dinner is delicious!

The sunrise was beautiful yesterday morning. This was the view from our kitchen.

I had breakfast in my office after my run. The girls are always lounging on my rug. My Mom stopped by in the evening to see our progress and she said my rug looks WAY better in person than the pictures I sent her. I guess my pictures made it look small? Anyway, it’s a 9 foot rug, so it just about fills the room…now I’m questioning my picture-taking ability… ; )

We are SO excited about this. The fridge that was in our house when we bought it works great, but it’s tiny and doesn’t have much room. We finally ordered our new fridge and it was delivered yesterday! It is crazy how much more room we have now! And the old fridge will make a perfect beer fridge.

I am so happy about this. We don’t like the water/ice on the front door, so we went with this model. We have filtered water on the inside of one of the doors, which works great for us. I can’t wait to meal prep this weekend and fill up this bad boy!

Lunch was a sandwich with lots of deliciousness – turkey, ham, dairy-free provolone cheese, spinach, cucumbers, and jalapeƱos.

Rhea usually spends most of her days outside. It rained yesterday, which made her sad. She laid like this by our back door for a few hours.

This is one of my favorite snacks and I forgot about it until yesterday – it’s a great way to tame your sweet tooth and also get some protein in. I shared the recipe below!

While dinner was cooking, I worked on switching things over from the old fridge to the new one. All of this had filled the old fridge completely. There wasn’t room for anything else in it. HA! It sure feels good to have things organized and now have room for meal prepped things.

Dinner was another favorite – green bean spaghetti with elk. You use green beans instead of spaghetti noodles, then top them with elk (or whatever meat you want), spaghetti sauce, and balsamic glaze. I put cheese on Jake’s. SO. Good.

Happy Friday, friends!

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