Weekend Wrap-up!

We had a biscuit obsession last week. When that ended, I made sweet potato toast instead. I like to slice sweet potatoes and then bake them at 400 for about 15-20 minutes. We just heat them up when we want to eat them. They store in the fridge really well and you can top them with whatever you’d like – ours had peanut butter, honey, and chia seeds.

I went to the gym Friday, then did some computer work and a little painting. I took a break for lunch somewhere in there and had the best wrap.

I added some root veggie chips for good measure.

I got these sparkly earrings a few months ago and have been dying to wear them. I finally threw them on for my Friday night dinner date with Kayla. They’re SO lightweight.

Here are the earrings. If you’ve been looking for sparkly earrings, look no further. They’re under $10 and are available in a bunch of different colors. Just click on the picture to see all the options.

Lu stole Jake’s spot while he was at work Friday night.

It was super icy and slick out Friday evening/Saturday morning, so we decided not to run. I met Kayla at the gym for a group class, which was a blast. I got home and wanted pancakes, so I threw together some flour, eggs, hemp milk, sugar, and butter and made myself some delicious pancakes.

I took my computer to the couch to work and be lazy with my girls.

This one just wanted to be outside in the snow…

Lu got the zoomies for about 20 minutes, so we played fetch in the house (don’t tell Jake), then she passed out.

We finally got a little hutch that we bought for our apartment set-up so we can have a little makeshift bar until we finish the room that we want to put a bar in. We had just shoved everything on this countertop space. It’s so much nicer having it less cluttered now.

Here’s our makeshift bar. We don’t love this hutch in the kitchen, but it’ll work for now.

Jake took the mirrors and shelves out of this built-in. We want to put some floating shelves up. I think the guys will start on this room soon – this is our dining room.

My Mom used to always make pizza dip and I was craving it Saturday night, so I threw some together. I followed THIS recipe. SO delicious. We used pita chips and tortilla chips to eat this goodness.

Our friends, Cassie and Jesse came over for dinner. Jake grilled burgers and beef bacon for us – YUM. Thank you to Mitch and Dawn for the meat. It was amazing!

We played Left Center Right after dinner. Such a fun game! Jake’s parents gave us the game as a Christmas present. I had never heard of it before. I think it’s one that we will be playing a lot!

Sunday morning started with a 10 mile run with some speed work built in. The roads and trails were finally clear of ice, so we hit up the Frisco Trail.

It was an absolutely gorgeous day.

Post long run smiles. Finishing a long run is the best feeling. Finishing speed work is also the best feeling. Combining the two makes for a great morning!

Rhea wasn’t impressed with our speed work. She’s way faster than we are…

It felt good to push a little on this run. We finished our 10 with an average pace of 8:41. I just told my running group the other day that I’ve been in a running funk. I love running, always do, but I haven’t been motivated to do anything other than run slow and easy. While that’s nice sometimes, it makes things monotonous. I need to incorporate at least one speed day a week. It makes me a better runner. This long run helped me find that drive again. It also reminded me how much speed I have lost, HA! But, that’s one thing I love about running…there’s always room to improve and get better. Ya gotta start somewhere!

Sonic breakfast after our run. Mmm.

I worked from the couch most of the day Sunday. I had some leftovers for lunch, which hit the spot. I picked up a fourth course for the spring, so I was frantically trying to get everything built and put together before classes start Tuesday.

Friends, get these. Holy yum. They’re a cauliflower (and other veggies) burger patty. I saw them at Mama Jean’s and had to try them. Jake and I were both blown away. Highly, highly recommend!

Cauliflower patty on a bun, salad, and green beans – YUM.

After dinner, we went on a family walk, then watched Brittany Runs a Marathon. If you’re looking for a movie to watch, you cannot go wrong with this one. Jake and I both LOVED it and said we want to watch it again. I cried at the end. If you’ve ever run a marathon, you’ll have all the feels, but even if you don’t like running, you’ll still love the movie. It’s SO great.

We just got back from a family run. I am off to the gym, then need to spend the rest of the day on my computer. My spring courses start tomorrow, which I’m excited about. I always love getting to meet my next round of students. I think I have some of the same students from last semester, which is always fun. I teach the reading courses for one of our master’s degrees, so I think I’ll get to know some of the students in that program really well.

Happy Monday, friends!

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