Comfy + worn out + get ready for some before & afters/nows tomorrow!

Our breakfast yesterday consisted of sweet potato toast, sautéed spinach, turkey sausage, and eggs. I put a little butter and brown sugar on my sweet potato toast. It was delicious.

I saw this yesterday and it made me laugh and then feel sad. It’s so true.

I had a couple meetings yesterday, but I wanted to be comfy/not look totally homeless.

I was really rocking my Mizzou love. I love Zoom meetings.

I took a lunch break and had a sandwich with more root veggie chips. Mmm.

I finally finished these doors! Now to put hinges on and hang them. YAY! Some of these go in a shelving unit in our hallway and some go in our laundry/pantry room. I still need to paint that tall one in the way back white. It’s attached to an ironing board and we just haven’t taken it apart yet.

Sunshine Bike Shop and Springfield FitLife – some of my favorite things!

Jake and I grabbed a beer at 4 By 4 yesterday. It had been WAY too long since we’d been there. We took the girls and they had a blast getting love from everyone.

We met Jake’s family for dinner. Jake and I shared the smoked trout board and a mahi mahi sandwich that came with cabbage on the side. Everything was delicious, but the cabbage had WAY too much on it and made me really sick to my stomach. Other than that, everything was super good.

I finally took some after/now pictures to share! I will share a bunch of befores and afters tomorrow. It’s so crazy to look back at our house when we bought it. I can’t believe how much it’s changed!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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