The best day of food + a little more speed work + how I have to plan out my day – it works!

Do you ever have the perfect day of delicious food? Yesterday was one of those days. The day started with the best mushroom and ham egg muffins and a piece of avocado toast. YUM.

Our new fridge still makes me so happy. We have SO much room now! We had a small fridge at our old house, a small fridge in the apartment, and then a small fridge was in our new home. It’s amazing what having a little more space can do – all the meal prepping!

I spent most of yesterday working in my office. Is it really considered work if you love every second? I even spent a few hours reading research articles, which I enjoy. Maybe something’s wrong with me. ; ) I had leg day at the gym and am feeling it this morning. I tried to stand a lot while I worked yesterday so my legs wouldn’t get so tight. Thank you, Dad, for my desk! I love that I can stand or sit.

Jake and I went for a short run with the girls when I got home from the gym, then we had lunch. Lunches this week are taco pasta salad with Beyond Meat ground beef and chickpea pasta. So delicious.

I worked all day, so I don’t have much to share other than food. Nothing sounded all that good for dinner, so I made a chocolate veggie smoothie, complete with whipped cream and chocolate chips. It was amazing. My favorite protein powder is Optimum Nutrition. It’s not chalky and they have SO many flavors. I have loved all of the ones I have tried.

When my alarm went off at 4AM, only one of us was ready to get up…maybe I should start giving Rhea morning coffee? ; )

A little bit of speed work to start our Tuesday. It sure is easier to run faster with friends!

I am not a creamer person, but holy yum – this stuff is AMAZING. I use my hand blender and froth it with my coffee. So. Dang. Delicious.

I have shared this before, but this is still how I plan out my days. It keeps me on track and helps me be as productive as possible. I have a couple of big projects right now, so I’m trying to tackle them this week. I don’t always stick to the hourly guide, but I really try to! I am a list person, so seeing my days laid out like this helps me. And nothing feels as good as drawing a line through a completed task.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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