All the Rhea cuddles+ sometimes we sit on the kitchen floor…+ a snow run!

I go to bed excited for this breakfast in the morning. I also go to bed excited for coffee. Do I have a problem? Probably.

After breakfast yesterday, I went to the gym for arm day. I went up in weights on two movements, so that was exciting. I am also super sore.

We all hung out in my office most of the day. I had a bunch of work to do and Jake spent a few hours getting vouchers for some flights we had to cancel. Lu didn’t care to hang out with us.

I took a 20 minute nap after I finished a little work. Rhea joined me. If I can get up after 20 minutes, naps are okay, but if I end up sleeping for an hour or so, I wake up WAY more tired than I was before the nap. Naps are dangerous for me. 20 minutes is perfect.

Another taco pasta salad for lunch.

Then it was back to my office to knock out a little more work. These two hung out while I worked.

We went to dinner with Jake’s family last night, which is always a blast. I had a crawfish cobb salad that was AMAZING, but I was also craving mashed potatoes. I am not a huge mashed tater fan, but Millwood has the BEST mashed potatoes and gravy. I couldn’t pass them up.

Chels got some, too.

After dinner, we sat on our kitchen floor and talked for a few hours. It was nice to just sit and chill. We have been so busy lately. I love our floor chats.

I busted out my new fleece tights for a little snow run this morning. I also wore my trail shoes for a little bit more traction. I am kind of a chicken, so anything that makes the roads a little slick makes me nervous. Luckily, they weren’t too bad this morning.

If there’s any type of precipitation, I braid my hair. It’s a hot mess if I don’t braid it. I want to learn to French braid…any tips on learning?

I. Love. Snow. Runs. Thankful for friends who also love them.

Wednesdays are my meeting days, so I have a bunch of meetings today. I will attempt to get some work accomplished in-between them. We have a dinner date with my parents tonight, so that’ll be fun! But for now, I am starving, so it’s off to enjoy breakfast!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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