We got lucky! + blowing kisses + when does a nap become a sleep?

Wellll, this post is a tad late because I accidentally took a four hour nap after my run this morning. I don’t really know how it happened, but I guess I must’ve been tired. HA! Yesterday’s breakfast was more egg muffins and avo toast. I am not sick of this breakfast yet!

I went to donate blood yesterday, but after talking to them about our upcoming IVF in a few months, they told me not to donate. I was over by my sister’s place, so I stopped by and got to love on my niece for a little bit. She brought over all of her books, so we read a few together. Eleanor has started blowing kisses and it’s my favorite thing.

More taco pasta salad for lunch. This has been SO delicious. Lettuce, Beyond Meat ground beef, jalapeños, sweet peppers, a little ranch, salsa, and dairy-free cheese.

I shared on Monday that our washing machine broke over the weekend. Well, we thought we would be without one for at least two more weeks, but it pays to have good friends! One of our friends, Seth, owns an appliance company, J & B Appliances, (he’s the best) and he had someone bring in a brand new washing machine that they no longer needed. He called Jake and asked if we wanted it. Jake picked it up about 10 minutes after the call and got it all installed and working for me last night. SO happy. I will never take having a washing machine for granted again. Now to get caught up on all our laundry…

Lu has been extra cuddly lately. I don’t hate it. She jumped up on my lap during a Zoom meeting the other day. Everyone got a kick out of it.

We went to dinner with my parents and Kayla last night. Kayla is basically part of our family, she also works for my Dad, which is fun. We went to Brew Co and Kayla and I shared their hot chicken sandwich. It’s so dang good, but definitely bothered my stomach a little bit on our run this morning. Fried spicy food always upset my stomach. I try not to eat it very often, but sometimes ya just gotta live a little.

This memory popped up today and made me laugh. I used to teach 7th grade English Language Arts. 7th grade is hands-down my favorite grade to teach. I love middle schoolers. Anyway, one of my boys snuck into my room after school and moved everything. My desk was in the far right corner. It was hilarious. I showed up the next morning and was so confused. It was a pretty good prank!

Since I napped for so long today, I missed my normal workout class. I went to one of the lunch classes, which I almost didn’t do. I knew I’d feel better about my day if I went, so I sucked it up. I’m so glad I did. We did pull-ups and I can tell I’m getting stronger! I definitely still have to use a band to assist, but I’m down to just one skinny band now. Progress takes SO long, but it’s fun when you start to notice it. Now I need to crank out some work before a meeting.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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