Anyone else nerd out with drawer organizers? + the BEST smoothie for a sweet tooth + weekend ready!

We scored on avocados for the week. Usually when I buy them in bulk (because I’m lazy and don’t like making multiple trips to the grocery store in a week), at least one of them will go bad before we get to it. Knock on wood…every single once since Saturday has been perfect.

After the gym yesterday, I stopped by Bed, Bath, and Beyond to get a drying rack for our laundry room. While there, they had some drawer organizers and little baskets on sale. I have been needing some drawer organizers for our bathroom, so I was SO excited to see these. Anyone else get excited about that kind of stuff?

Lunch was leftovers. I realized we had some tofu that needed to be eaten, so I threw it in a wrap with a little dairy-free cheese and had a salad on the side.

After lunch, I had a meeting and knocked out a little work, then I organized our bathroom drawers! They look SO much better now.

I was craving a smoothie for dinner, but I also wanted ice cream, so I combined the two. This smoothie has chocolate protein, collagen, blueberries, peanut butter, chocolate chips, almond milk, and whipped cream. It’s the best!

Fun fact: the fan we bought has been recalled because the blades on some of the fans are detaching. There’s a video to watch to see if your fan is defective. I need to watch it today so we can stop risking it when we use the fan. HA! We live life on the edge, I guess…

I am ready for the weekend! I don’t have any major plans, which I love. I have some projects to knock out, so I hope to finish a few things over the weekend. We are watching Eleanor on Saturday and I can’t wait!

Happy Friday, friends!

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