Weekend Wrap-up!

What a great weekend – lots of relaxing, good food, and fun. Friday morning’s breakfast was delicious. I don’t run on Friday mornings, so I slept in a little bit before heading to the gym. I chowed down on the last of our egg muffins for breakfast.

I have the BEST husband ever. Since the weather here was so terrible Saturday, Jake got my treadmill from his parents’ house. They stored it for us while we were in the apartment and starting on our remodel. Thank you, Jeff and Penny! I was so happy to have my treadmill back home with me. I have missed her.

I had a working lunch Friday – leftover chicken and cabbage casserole and my favorite Nut Thins. So delicious.

I decided to straighten my hair Friday. I only brush my hair before I wash it because otherwise it gets crazy. Here is all craziness before it was washed…thank goodness for straighteners/hot air hairbrushes, right? I walked in to show Jake and he couldn’t stop laughing at me.

The best hot air hair brush EVER. This bad boy dries and straightens my hair in about 20-30 minutes, which is a HUGE improvement over the 60 minutes it used to take. If you’re looking for a new hair tool, this is it!

Saturday morning started with a little sleeping in, coffee, and getting excited about some treadmill miles!

Since I was going to be on the treadmill for 10 miles, I needed a set-up for my laptop so I could watch Grey’s. Here’s how I made it work.

I have missed this view!

Rhea was slightly annoyed that she wasn’t getting to run with me. She either laid right here or stood next to the treadmill and stared at me.

I was SO hungry after my run. I inhaled breakfast casserole and avocado toast.

After breakfast, we did a whole lot of relaxing. It was amazing.

We got to watch Eleanor Saturday evening. We had a blast. Turns out, our only toys are wine bottles, corks, and dog toys. I think she loved every second.

We had a lot of fun sorting dog toys and corks. Eleanor is so smart. It’s fun to watch her brain work and learn.

Eleanor also fashioned these hats for us. I think we looked pretty dang good.

I slept in again Sunday morning, which was amazing. I had a pretty lazy morning, then knocked out a bunch of laundry, a little computer work, and ALL the meal prep.

Lu was being a precious angel all morning.

How many jalapeños are too many? Asking for myself.

I made beer bread (THIS is my favorite recipe – scroll to the very bottom of the website).

Lunch burritos.

And peanut butter snicker doodle snack balls. (THIS recipe).

We have stopped letting Rhea on the couch unless she’s on a blanket. Her hair gets caught in the weaving of the fabric on our couch and is a huge pain to try and clean. She’s in denial about this new rule. She stood with her nose on the very edge of the couch for a long time…

This dinner is a new favorite! Chickpea lettuce wraps – HIGHLY recommend and so dang easy. Cook canned chickpeas (I did two cans so we could have extra) with coconut aminos, rice vinegar, toasted sesame oil, ginger, garlic, and sesame seeds – you know I don’t measure…I just did to taste and added more as the liquid cooked out. Load up each lettuce wrap with the chickpeas, sesame seeds, green onion, cashews, & red pepper chunks. YUM.

Happy Monday, friends!

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