Anyone else take naps before 9AM + so dang sore + some favorites!

After my run yesterday, I ate breakfast, did a little computer work, then crawled back into bed with Jake and took a 20-minute nap. I was so sleepy. I felt much better after a nap! I headed to the gym, which I almost skipped because I have been SO sore all week. I have upped my weight and I’m feeling it. After the gym, I worked and then had a little virtual writing session with some other faculty members. I have signed up to write with a few other new faculty members four days a week for an hour. I think this is going to really help me knock out some writing this year. I got these texts from some of the girls I run with. I had my hair straight during our Thursday run and they all commented on how long it has gotten. I told them I’m getting to the point when I want to chop…they talked me out it…or threatened me out of it. ; ) I wish I could share some of my crazy hair!

After working, Jake and I had lunch and finished a new show we just started – Outer Banks. It’s so good if you’re looking for something new on Netflix! Jake and I were both obsessed. We can’t wait for the second season to come out this summer. Lunch was leftover Mexican from Wednesday night.

I spent a little more time on my computer after lunch, then may or may not have taken another short nap. HA! Whoops. I accidentally fell asleep on the couch for a little bit. I have been sleeping great at night, so who knows. I think getting up at 4AM makes me super sleepy some days. Other days I am completely fine. It’s a crapshoot on what’s going to happen on early morning run day. I unpacked a couple of boxes and spent some time organizing some of our cleaning supplies, then had dinner. Beer bread and a lettuce wrapped BLT with two fried eggs – YUM.

Since I have been so sore, I got out our Air Relax and used them four times, then I foam rolled and stretched. These things are a game changer.

Do not buy these. You will never be able to stop eating them. Holy moly. I am addicted. I bought them a few months ago and was amazed at how delicious they are. I saw them again at Mama Jean’s and couldn’t resist. They’re amazing. Dark Chocolate Almonds with Mexican Vanilla. SO good. Soooo, I guess do buy these. You’re welcome. Just leave some for me!

I haven’t shared in awhile, so here are some favorite items!
I cannot live without this hot air hairbrush. I am able to dry and straighten my hair in 30 minutes or less, which is more than half the time it would take me with a blow dryer and a straightener.

This is my all-time favorite foaming tanner. I have used it for a few years now. I will sometimes venture out and try different brands, but this one is hands-down the best. This bottle will last me 3 months! It has a super fresh smell and does not leave you looking orange. This one is the express tan and works in four hours. I swear by it! You need a tanning mit to apply it.

Here’s a mit!

I always have slippers on because my feet are always freezing. I just got these a few weeks ago and I love them. I wear them with or without socks. The faux fur is SO soft and I love the hard sole.
We got this chew toy for our girls and they LOVE it. It is really good for their teeth and actually smells amazing. I probably need to get another one because Lu and Rhea fight over this one…it’s made by Arm and Hammer and helps with tartar control and gum health.
These are my favorite thing to add to our laundry. They make everything smell heavenly.
I got these earrings about 6 months ago and hardly ever take them out! I sleep in them, shower in them, workout in them. They’re my favorite. My sister loved them, too, so I got her a pair for Christmas. She said she never takes hers out, either. They’re 12 bucks! Win-win. They’re also available in silver and rose gold.

My all-time favorite protein powder. SO delicious. Double rich chocolate. This is what I use when I make my chocolate veggie smoothies.
Happy Friday, friends!

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