Weekend Wrap-up!

Last week felt like every day went by SO slowly, but this weekend FLEW by…I remember thinking on Tuesday that it felt like it should be Thursday. Anyway, this weekend was a fun one – full of family time, a race, and the Super Bowl. Breakfast on Friday was this deliciousness after the gym. Avocado toast with greens and tomatoes, bacon, and two eggs – YUM.

I did some computer work after breakfast, then took a little lunch break and watched Netflix. I made a shake to take with me on the go because I had to drop Rhea off at the vet.

She was not happy with me and sat like this after I picked her up until we got home. Lu loves the vet…Rhea does not.

Kayla and I picked up pizzas and took them over to my parents’ house Friday night. They were watching Eleanor, so we all hung out and carbo loaded for our race Saturday morning.

We did our first 20k Saturday in Rogersville. The race was the Cabin Fever Reliever and it was a blast!

I have done 25ks, but never a 20k. The distance was 12.41. I wanted to keep my pace between 8:20 and 8:25. I ended with an average pace of 8:22, so I was pleased with that.

I can tell I’m out of practice when it comes to racing. I definitely started out a little hot, which I am usually good at controlling. I couldn’t get my pace down toward the end of the race like I would’ve liked. Oh well! You learn something from every race.

I blew a snot rocket in mile 3 and my nose immediately started gushing. I couldn’t get it to stop, so I ran with my head tilted back for a little bit. I had blood everywhere – on my shirt, vest, pants, and race bib. It finally stopped after a few miles, but I had to be careful about the snot rockets…

Kayla always has the the best gangster poses. I’m jealous.

Yay for last minute races!

Our post-race food was grilled cheese and soup. It was amazing.

I immediately came home and showered. I was SO cold. The wind had been crazy on our run, so we were both pretty chilled. After a shower, I chowed down on some leftover pizza.

Then I use my Air Relax, which I really needed. My legs were so sore. I hit my highest mileage week, which I haven’t done in a long time, so recovery was extra important.

Jake got home from work and we had a date night at home. I made lamb burgers over greens with cauli rice and beer bread, and we watched The Other Guys. It’s corny, but pretty funny.

This girl sure loves her Dad.

I spent Sunday doing some of my favorite things to get ready for a new week – meal prep, laundry, and cleaning. I made beer bread, egg muffins, and some yummy things for the Super Bowl.

I’ve been making extra when I put together our egg muffins, so this should last us a week and a half. I will freeze the casserole dish and just thaw it when we are ready for it. These have mushroom, chicken sausage, mozzarella, and egg.

I also made some Cowboy Caviar for the Super Bowl. Jake told me this was the best CC he’s ever had. It was super good.

Here are the ingredients. Just drain the beans and corn and mix everything together.


We also had wings, mac’n cheese, salad, and cookies. It was quite the spread and we have a million leftovers…

We were bummed about the Chiefs’ loss, but it was cool to see Tom Brady win his 7th Super Bowl.

When you no longer care about sports and want to go outside…she laid like this for a long time and just stared at us. She didn’t want to be inside the house. I swear she’d like outside if I’d let her.

In case anyone wondered, I look very fashionable when I go to bed. All the prints – camo, leopard, and 4th of July socks. HA! I used to never be able to sleep in socks, but we got a new thermostat that lets us program what we want the temperature at certain times, so we have it dropping down to 63 degrees when we go to bed. We both love sleeping in the cold, but I have to bundle up a little when I go to bed. I always end up ripping my socks off, but I like having them on when I crawl into bed. I’m sure Jake loves me attire as well.

It’s a new week! I am off to the gym, then will spend the day grading. I will probably squeeze in a treadmill run later because I don’t feel like being cold. This week is supposed to be a chilly one, so we will see how motivated I am to get outside.

Happy Monday, friends!

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