We love leftovers + a sweet sale for you + on the treadmill for awhile…

The gym was great on Monday. I went up in weight for back squats, so that was exciting. The roads started to get slick as I was leaving the gym, so I was thankful I didn’t need to be anywhere else for the day. Breakfast was egg muffins and a pancake.

I worked all morning until lunch time, then had lunch with Jake. We love leftovers around here. We had the rest of our lamb burgers over greens, a little mac’n’cheese, and some cowboy caviar.

When you’ve been grading for hours and your brain hurts. Mondays are my big grading days. My students complete units on Sundays, so I try my very best to get everything graded and have feedback back to students within 24 hours. It doesn’t always happen – this week I have big research papers to grade, so those will take me a couple of days to finish, but other than that, I usually get everything graded and back to my students on Monday. Timely feedback is so important in an online course – I like my students to know their grade and hear from me before they start their next unit.

My furry coworkers weren’t much help yesterday…at least they’re cute.

When I finished with work for the day, I hopped on the treadmill for a short run. Rhea wasn’t too sure about what I was doing – do you spot her shoved into the corner?

Rhea was not happy when she realized she wasn’t going to get to run with me yesterday. She stood like this most of my run. I felt really bad, but it was too slick outside to attempt a run.

I made the mistake of running too close to dinner time for these two…they wouldn’t leave me alone.

I got 4 miles in while watching Grey’s. We haven’t done anything to this room other than rip out the carpet, so we are embracing the ugly for right now. Eventually, we will scrape the popcorn ceiling to make it smooth like the rest of our house, and we will paint the wood paneling white. I cannot wait to see this room’s transformation. We haven’t decided for sure what we want to do for flooring out here, but we have a few ideas. It’s perfect for our plants and my treadmill right now.

Dinner was more leftover goodness – chicken drummies, salad, and cauli rice.

I also had a slice of beer bread with honey for dessert.

Monday was leg day at the gym and my legs were SO sore when I finished my run. I used my Air Relax and grabbed a beer – the best recovery! I just tried Michelob Ultra’s new pomegranate and guava beer – holy yum. If you haven’t tried it, I highly suggest it! It’s the perfect amount of flavor.

It’s fine, it’s not like I was using that blanket anyway…no blanket is safe when Lu is around.

I have a fun sale to share with you! FRÉ Skincare is running a BOGO sale right now! Use my code, CHELSEABR to buy any product and get a second for FREE! So awesome. A few of my favorites are this hydrating face mask, this face wash, this SPF 30 face lotion, this tinted moisturizer with 15 SPF, this primer/setting spray, and a new favorite – this purifying lotion. If you’re like me, you’ve been washing your hands and using ALL of the hand sanitizer. This lotion is a game changer. It keeps your hands moisturized, but also kills germs. I love it. And if you’re wanting to try a set with multiple things, THIS one is my favorite. It has the face wash, face lotion with SPF, and moisturizer for bedtime. You can shop everything HERE! I have been using this products since this summer and have been impressed. My skin looks and feels better, plus, FRÉ is formulated for women who sweat – it’s good stuff!

Off for another treadmill run and then will probably skip going to the gym and do a little workout at home so I don’t have to attempt to drive on our icy roads.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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