Weekend Wrap-up!

We have had quite the snowy weekend here. Friday morning started with breakfast – beer bread with jelly and two egg muffins. I wanted to head to the gym, but I will still pretty sore, so I decided I needed one more day of rest.

This is a delicious new recipe that will for sure be a staple in our house from now on. Chickpea “Chicken” Salad (no chicken). Two cans of cooked chickpeas, four stalks of chopped celery, 1/2 cup of plain Greek yogurt, 4 TBS mayo, 2 TBS Everything but the Bagel Seasoning, & 1 TBS dill. I would recommend adding half a chopped red onion, but we just threw it on top because I forgot to add to the mixture.

SO good!

Friday was a wonderful day because I finally got my car back!!!! It had been over a month since my accident and I was SO happy to get my car after it had been in the shop that whole time.

Here it is right after the accident.

Here she is all fixed up!

My parents took me to dinner Friday night. We went to Galloway and they had their chili dog on special. I had never had this before. It was amazing.

After dinner, we parked it on the couch until bed time.

She’s always right in the middle of the bed.

Saturday morning started with this hoodlum digging in our backyard and getting COVERED in mud. Thankfully it was mostly her paws. She got a little bucket bath in the garage. She wasn’t happy. Neither was I…

I felt a little better Saturday morning, so I hopped on the treadmill for a few miles. I ended up feeling a lot better once I got started moving, so I got 6 miles in, which felt wonderful.

Lunch was chickpea salad on a wrap and chips and salsa.

Someone still had mud on her nose from her digging adventure…

Jake’s Momma had surgery last week and finally got to go home Saturday night, so we took dinner over to them and got to hang out for a little bit. We didn’t do much for Valentine’s Day because we are taking a little trip since I don’t have any procedures until March (YAY!). But I always like to reminisce. Everyone was sharing their how they met stories, which I LOVE reading, so I shared ours.

Here’s the picture from the night we decided we would date – notice the tequila. ; )

How’d you guys meet? Through mutual friends years ago, then ran into each other one night (probably 4 years later) – Jake was on a date. I told him I had just moved over into the area & he told me he lived close by. He asked for my number, then went back to his date. He claimed it was just a friendly gesture, but I still don’t believe him. 😉 The next day, we hung out with a group of friends for lunch & basically were together every day after that. He asked me out & I said no – I loved having him as a friend & didn’t want to make it weird. We stayed friends, but I eventually realized I was crazy about him.
First Date: Galloway or Sequiota Bike Shop – maybe even both.
How long have you been together? 5 years.
– Age difference: Jake is one month older than me.
– Who was interested first: Jake

Who is taller: Jake
Who said I love you first: Jake – it’s a super funny story.
First kiss: Tequila-fueled at a JJ Grey & Mofro concert at the Gillioz. Also the night we decided we would date. Another funny story.
– Most impatient: Me
– Most sensitive: Me
– Loudest: Jake

– Most Stubborn: Depends…we’re both stubborn, but maybe me.
Falls asleep first: Jake – he can & does sleep through anything. I’ve never been so jealous.
– Cooks better: I cook the most, but Jake is a really good cook, too.
– Better morning person: Probably Jake. He’s way nicer without coffee.
– Better driver: Jake – but the accident I was just in wasn’t my fault. I need that to be known.

– Most competitive: Jake for sure. I’m not competitive at all unless it’s against myself. We have actually fought about my inability to be competitive with others during races.
– Funniest: Me! I’m hilarious.
– Who is more social? Jake. I feel like I am becoming more of an introvert. I love my people, but I also super love alone time.
– Who is the neat freak? Both, but Jake is worse than I am.
– Do you get flowers often? I love fresh flowers, so yes – either from Jake or bought by me.

Who plans date night? It’s usually a group effort.
– Who picks where you go to dinner? We almost always give three options & take turns eliminating.
– Who is the first one to admit when they’re wrong? Uuuuuh, neither? HA! We both usually come around, but it can take some time.

– Who wears the pants in the relationship? Neither – we decide most things together!
– Who cries more? Me. I cry all the time.
– Who has more tattoos? I have five and Jake has four, but his are bigger than mine.
– Who sings better? 100% Jake. I could shatter glass.
– Hogs the remote?: Me. Jake isn’t really a TV person. I love binging Netflix.

– Spends the most?: Me…but Jake’s hobbies are WAY more expensive than mine. Sooo, maybe it evens out? Probably not. It’s me.
– Did you go to the same school?: Nope! I went to Catholic & he went to Kickapoo (high school). I went to Drury & he went to Linn (college).
– Where is the furthest you two have traveled together?: Florida, but we have plans to go to Hawaii for a honeymoon…maybe for our 5th wedding anniversary? Yes, we still haven’t taken our honeymoon.
– Who drives when you are together? Jake usually.

My Valentine – forever thankful for you!

I started packing for our get-away…my bag is massive…

Someone is loving all this snow we are getting. I have to basically drag her inside the house…

I woke up Sunday ready for a nice long run on the treadmill. I planned to do 10, but when I got to 10, I felt really good, so I kept going. I got a half in, which was fun! I think I watched three episodes of Grey’s Anatomy while I ran.

The real reason I didn’t stop at 10 – I told Jake I either wanted to quit at 10, go to 12, or knock out a half – he said a half. Soooo, I did it.

I was decked out in my Rabbit gear – I love this team singlet we all got and my RUN hat.

The best post long run fuel – this lunch was AMAZING. I already want to make this chickpea salad again…

I had chicken, bean, and dairy-free cheese quesadillas for dinner Sunday night. These hit the spot!

This was our yard when I got up this morning…the snow is still coming down!

I have some sad news to share – my Grandfather (Mom’s Dad) passed away on Saturday around 4:30PM. We are thankful he is no longer in pain, but we miss him already. Wishing I could hug all of my family extra tight right now.

Happy Monday, friends!

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