Cozied up + the best food + why I need the gym

This is maybe the most accurate meme I have ever seen. I hate getting gas. It’s something that doesn’t take that long, but I really, really hate doing it.

Breakfast Monday was toast with jelly and some egg muffins. I even threw a little whipped cream in my coffee to celebrate the snowy day we were having. The university I work for was closed due to weather, but online courses could continue. Another perk to online learning : ).

I spent the day grading and reading. My hips were sore from sitting so much, but I wanted to be cozied up in our chair with a blanket, so I didn’t stand at my desk.

It was crazy cold here yesterday and this girl was sleeping outside. She kept begging to go outside, then would just plop down in the snow. She was made for this weather.

The best snowy day lunch – a grilled cheese with tomato soup and half an avocado. This lunch was so delicious. It had been forever since I’d had a grilled cheese. I added pepperoni to mine and it was tasty. Plus, avocado in tomato soup is the bomb.

This is why I love going to the gym. Rhea always steals my weights. I haven’t gone to the gym yet this week because I’d rather not risk getting stuck somewhere and we have equipment at home that I can use, but I miss the gym SO much. Very ready to get back to my routine.

Lu shoved herself into a tiny space that was open in this chair. Our dogs are needy…but cute.

I had planned to make something with chicken for dinner, but the chicken had gone bad, so I threw together some random things and hoped they would taste good – they did! I fried up some Japanese sweet potato rounds in the AirFryer, topped them with a little BBQ sauce, hot sauce, pinto beans, pepper Jack cheese, and two wild mushroom and chicken sausage links. It turned out WAY better than I thought it would.

I might have to have this again tonight…it’s definitely not a pretty meal, but sometimes the ugliest meals are the best.

The girls stayed distracted after dinner by chewing on bones. I only had to break up one fight. They both try to steal the other one’s bone.

I am going to remember this trick…it’s a good one!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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